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April 2017 Boxycharm

April 2017 Boxycharm First Look

I always look forward to getting my subscription boxes, but I have to admit, Boxycharm is my favorite box.  Every time I receive a box it has been worth every penny and then some.  If you want, this is my referral link.  When you refer a friend you receive 500 points.  You also receive points just for getting a box delivered! 

For $21.00 a month you get four to five full size products. The points earned take off money in the store.  The store isn't as extensive as Birchbox, but it's still pretty good.  1000 points will take off $10.00, 2000 takes off $20.00, and so on.  It also contains a card that lists the prices and information on the products you receive.

The theme for this month was Boho Glow.  I love the card and how it has a little dream catcher on it.

I really like beauty sponges and I have to admit, I don't often voyage past my Beauty Blender.  When I saw that we were getting the Pur Blend Squad, I pretty excited.  This definitely gives me a chance to try something new!  Maybe I don't have to spend $20.00 on a BB.  Maybe I can love these.  They are $36.00 for the set, which boils down to $12.00 each.  I think it's cute that they're in spring colors!  I really like the pale blue one.  If these don't end up being my fav, maybe they'll be great for travel since I wouldn't want to take the BB.  These are latex free, which is great, because people sometimes have allergies to that.  I don't know how often latex is in these sorts of sponges.

I enjoyed the mask from this brand that we received previously.  Or I did until my roommate claimed it for his.  I'm hiding this one.  The is Project Beauty's Hairgurt in Strawberry Banana Smoothing Shampoo.  It smells like a strawberry banana smoothie, but light on the banana.  At 4 oz this is technically the full size for $10.00.  However, they have 8 oz sizes for $12.00 and I don't think you need me to do the math for you on that to figure out the better value.  There is also a coconut açai one for curly hair that is making me even more jealous than I already am for curly haired people.  This has bio-keratin, quinoa, prebiotics, and doesn't have sulfates or parabens.  It also doesn't test on animals that aren't people shaped.


After years of matte lips, my lips are putting up a fight and I've been wearing more glosses lately.  So, I wasn't sad that we got a gloss.  The Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss in Umbria is a golden color that will look pretty with a tan.  It has a decent scent but the flavor is pure oil.  The bottle feels cheap, but I don't care too much about that.  The applicator is flexible but it felt almost flimsy, rather than being something special. It does feel quite comfortable on the lips and didn't feel too sticky.  It does contain castor oil, which isn't good for pets and I'd imagine keeping it away from small children would be a good idea as well.  It is gluten and paraben free.  It is $16.00 for 2.5 ml and the full size was in the box.

 This will definitely help you get your glow on.  I like getting Ofra products and I've heard good things about the Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive.  I was kinda surprised at the color of the one I saw on the website.  It looked more white toned and I think I would have really loved that!  This may be a little dark on me, it's a pale gold with some pink to it.  But I'm hoping it'll work.  This was a full size 10 oz product that sells for $35.00 (best to find a YouTuber you like with a 30% off code).  The packaging on this is also fairly cheap, but I try to think that Ofra just spends the money on the product?  Or the YouTubers that make me want to buy the products lol.  It is quite buttery and would be so pretty on someone who tans.

 The last item was Measurable Difference's Diamond Collection 16 Shade Concealer Palette.  It is a fairly decent range of shades.  I'm not sure it will work for the very dark or very fair though.  It is on the drier side, which will work well for blemishes.  Although, I would have put in a green toned shade to mix if that that were the purpose.  As it is a little dry, it may work best to mix with and oil or moisturizer to loosen it up to use for cream contouring.  I'm not sure I would put this under my eyes, but I may try it when I don't have to leave the house to see how it goes.  It is full size and each shade is 2 grams of product.  It's $20.00 on the website.

I think this box was pretty solid.  There isn't anything I don't want to try.  It wasn't a box that made me go gaga, but I liked it.  It had a value of $117.00.

* I pay for my own boxes.  All of my links go straight to the company and do not have a pay site stop over.

April 2017 Sephora Play

April 2017 Sephora Play First Look

This is my first Sephora Play box.  I have been on the waiting list for months, but I keep seeming to get invited to join in their reindeer games when I'm broke. I finally got off the list and I thought they were going to send me my first box when the highlighters were out.  Not so much.  They finally sent me this box.  

 The theme for April 2017 was Step it Up and it had this bag inside.

 From what I can gather, with this box, you generally receive five samples and a perfume sample.  That's really great for the people who don't like perfume samples so they don't count as one of your samples.  None of the items were full size.

Dr Dennis Gross
The first item I received was two treatments of Dr Dennis Gross' Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel.  I'm not wrinkling yet but I am 35, so I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to see fine lines around my eyes.  I am looking forward to this because it helps with collagen reproduction and helps your skin retain moisture.  It's also supposed to help with texture, which isn't a problem I have, but it doesn't hurt.  I hope I don't love this because the full size is 16 treatments for $88.00.  I guess if you look at it that each treatment is $5.50, it doesn't sound so bad.

I love getting primers and even though we just got this in our Boxycharm box a few months ago (the travel size), this is great to get again.  It's the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  It says that it is oil free and it feels like a silicone slip type primer.  It does help with pores and help your makeup last longer.  It is $36.00 for the 1 oz standard size of this.

I don't use eye makeup remover a lot.  I usually use it if I screw up a wing eye liner look.  I do that often though.  The Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is one of the ones that is layered until you shake well.  It helps remove water proof makeup and even has stuff in it that is supposed to be good for your eyelashes.  Maybe I should give this more of a go!  The smallest full size is 50 ml for $7.50.

Ole Henricksen
I know, I've mentioned many times that I love getting serums and this is a yay for this item.  I have tried it befor and I didn't love it, but I also had it in a packet, which I don't feel I can really make a good decision on. I need weeks of use.  This bottle may not have been full size, but the Ole Henricksen Truth Serum is still a good sized bottle and will really give me an opportunity to see if I like it.  It is supposed to be good for all skin types and is supposed to brighten, help with collagen, and help retain moisture.  All good things in my book!  It is $48.00 for the 1 oz full size though!

Make Up For Ever
The last item was the item they gave a sneak peak at.  I knew I would receive a Make Up For Ever product in my box. Granted, the Aqua XL Eye Pencil isn't my favorite eye liner.  I did love the story that it started being used for water ballet.  I'm excited to give this another shot, because tastes change.  I may find I love this eye liner now!  The full size is .04 oz and is $21.00.  It is made in Germany, which all the best liners seem to be.

Juliette has a Gun
The perfume sample was a monthly bonus.  This one was Juliette has a Gun Not a Perfume.  It's note is Cetalox, which is a synthetic ambergris.  Ambergris, very simplified, is very expensive sperm whale vomit.  It's actually more of a waxy intestinal secretion.  But I'm sticking with whale vomit. Which makes me happy this is a synthetic lol.  It's still better than Civet Musk. It just smells woodsy clean.  Not like fresh laundry clean, but clean and simple.  The full size 1.7 oz is $100.00.

 This wasn't a bad first box.  It didn't blow my mind but everything is useful and I will like trying it.  I will try at least another month of this.

* I pay for my own boxes.  My codes are the general points codes everyone has.  All of my links go straight to the products website, without a stop over to give me money click link site.

April 2017 Ipsy

April 2017 Ipsy First Look

This is my April 2017 Ipsy bag. Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription bag.  You do earn points be reviewing the products and getting your friends to join, this is my referral code if you ever want to use it.  The Ipsy points have been doing better lately.  There have been lots of things under 1k points.  However, they are nearly always sold out, so you really have to be on it to get them.  I am not usually on it.

 The theme for April was Sideshow.  Hmmm....  Yeah I really have no comment on that theme.  The bag was plastic and shaped like a ticket.  It wasn't nearly as pretty as last month.

Mint Pear
When I first saw the sneak peak I saw that I received Mint Pear again and I was shocked.  I thought Ipsy had sent me the same product twice.  Not just twice.  Two months in a row.  I decided to reign in my indignation and have faith that Ipsy would do no such thing.  My faith was justified.  It was indeed Mint Pear, but this was the C Your Youth Serum, rather than the Collagen Serum of last month.  I love serums, so I was cool with receiving them back to back.  This is supposed to "lighten, tighten, and brighten." This is Leaping Bunny certified.  It doesn't have parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and a bunch of other stuff.  So far, sounds great, right?  Wait for it.  The size in the bag was 8 ml.  The full size is 15 ml and sells for $79.00.  Yup.

I have responded to the survey so many times saying this color is not for me.  Yet, here we go again with another bronze/copper shade.  Oh, Ipsy.  You're breaking my heart here! 😢  Oh well, I can give it to someone else.  Like I do every time.  This is the Naked Cosmetics Heavy Metal #04.  The full size sells for $14.99.  On the plus side, this does seem to allow for a lighter or more dramatic application.  I can imagine it would be quite dramatic if applied wet.  It seems to be a good formula, even if I'm not into the color.

I love nail polishes, so getting a new brand, especially when they are cruelty free makes me happy.  The first thing I did was check to see if this is Formaldehyde free (my sister is allergic) and it is.  It is also Toluene, DBP, and camphor free.  This brand is supposed to use a formula that is high shine.  This is the Meg Twin Nail in Lovey Dovey. It's an Ipsy limited edition and has a ashy purple and a warm sand nude. This is the full size 5 ml for $10.00.

I totally went nuts for this GlamourDolls with Lisa Frank Unicorn Angled Blush Brush.  It has rainbow unicorns and brought my childhood in hard with Lisa Frank.You couldn't show up to school back in the day with out Lisa Frank.  GlamourDolls is the brand of makeup artist Jessica Romano who is going for cruelty free and vegan makeup with quality.  They have a Kickstarter going for this and this brush is on pre-order for $5.00.  I think this is just about the cutest thing.  AmagadrainbowunicornsI'mtotallydyinginagoodway
Mr. Bing on the right

I'm a fan of ColourPop and especially Kathleen Lights.  I was sooooooooooo excited when I saw that we'd be getting an eyeliner in the box.  I was hoping for Best O.  I got ColourPop's Crème Gel Liner in Mr. Bing.  It was created with Kathleen Lights.  She definitely named it for Chandler from Friends.  It's a lovely warm brown and of course I already have it.  I have seen reviews that people found it to be dry and didn't work in their water line.  I didn't have that problem at all with this product.  I actually really liked it, but maybe I got a good one.  It is a roll up liner.

Over all, this was fairly decent.  The Naked shadow totally disappointed me, but only because I've said 03495309674958y64967 times that I don't like this shade and I STILL get it.  I was fairly happy with everything else.  The brush makes me forget my dislike for the pigment.

* I pay for my own boxes.  My codes are the general points codes everyone has.  All of my links go straight to the products website, without a stop over to give me money click link site.

April 2017 Glossybox

April 2017 Glossybox First Look

I know I'm slacking on writing lately.  I do apologize, I will try to do better.  Glossybox is a $21.00 a month subscription box.  This is my referral link, you don't have to use it.  They have a "Glossydots" point system.  You do surveys on your box for 20 points each and referring a friend is 1000 points.  You can get a free box for 1k points.

The theme for the month of April was, "Spring Awakening."  If they popped a Loco Moca Monster in here, I would feel the awakening for sure.  Sadly, that was not to be. 😟

The box was beautifully packaged, as usual.  I used these boxes in my Christmas gifts and received much love on that front.

Mystery Brand
The first item we received was a mystery shampoo and conditioner.  There is a brand that has reformulated and they want us to try us out and then complete some surveys on how we liked the new formula.  It is made by Proctor and Gamble.  It does appear to contain silicones.  Rumor on the street has it that it is Head and Shoulders, but we'll see, won't we?

Seeing that sandal season is upon us, I was very excited to receive the For Feet's Sake Intense Repair Spa Foot Butter by Aromafloria.  Aromafloria is a wind powered company that uses 100% certified organic products.  This one contains vitamin E, shea butter, tea tree, and mint.  It absorbs fast and the tea tree and mint scent is strong here.  I suppose that is good to banish the stanky feet smell.  The mint felt quite refreshing. It is $4.00 for the 1 oz full size.  The size in the box was full size.

The scent in this box was quite springy.  It was from Jafra International and Philippine Courtière and called Paris et Moi.  It has a sweet and floral scent.  The full size is 1.7 fl oz and sells for $52.00.  The size in the box was .23 fl oz.  Although it was an eau de parfum it wasn't heady or strong.  It was spring appropriate and lighter.

I have lost count of how many mascaras I have received from Doucce.  They're not a bad brand but after 05479767697275979846 Maxlash Volumizer Mascaras from Doucce, you start to hope for more brands.  This was black.  It's a decent mascara, but I wouldn't buy it for the $22.00 price tag.

Oh boy.  Another item we have received 3964879676562356 of from various boxes.  I love cleansers.  I sometimes like scrubby cleansers.  But again, I have received the Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator a lot.  The full size is 4.2 oz and sells for $34.00.  I don't mean to bah hum bug anyone who is newer to boxes and hasn't received a parade of these, it is a physical exfoliator that has papaya to help break down dead skin.  It's not bad and I'm sure I'll use it, just as I used the other 8768968658655.

The last thing was a pair of Ultra Matte Lips from ColourPop.  The first color was Wednesday, a bright summer pink that would look pretty with a tan I won't have.  I still plan on wearing it.  I have been gravitating to their satin formula but I have lip toppers and I might feel a matte mood strike, so I'm not sad about receiving this.  I think more people, that aren't cool toned ghosts like me, will love the second color I got.  Speed Dial is a lovely Terracotta color that will look very pretty on warm skin tones.  These were both full size, 3.2 g, and sell for $6.00 each.

This wasn't a bad box.  It had lots of fun things to try and I think I really would have liked it if I were new to boxes.  I like the foot stuff , I love ColourPop, and the perfume is something different to try, so I'm not mad at this box.  Plus, I get to feel like a guinea pig, sadly without the giant wheel of fun, and try a new formula of a random shampoo!

* I pay for my own boxes.  My codes are the general points codes everyone has.  All of my links go straight to the products website, without a stop over to give me money click link site.

March 2017 Glossybox

Mar 2017 Sephora Small Haul Hourglass, UD, KVD, etc

March 2017 Ipsy

Small Haul Sigma Glitters & Shimmers

February 2017 Boxycharm ♥

ColourPop Mostly Pressed Eyeshadows Small Haul

February 2017 Ipsy Unbagging!

February 2017 Ipsy First Look

 It's my favorite time of the month!  Subscription box/bag time!  This is my February 2017 Ipsy bag. Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription bag.  You do earn points be reviewing the products and getting your friends to join, this is my referral code if you ever want to use it.  The Ipsy points have been doing better lately.  There have been lots of things under 1k points.  However, they are nearly always sold out, so you really have to be on it to get them.  I am not usually on it.

Ipsy Bag
This month's bag didn't scream Valentine's for me.  Maybe it was anti-Valentine?  It was a blue denim material with bright orange tubing and orange lips on the zipper.

Bio Belle
I was so excited to see these in my bag!  If you watch Madison Miller on YouTube, she talks about them all the time.  This is her Ipsy unbagging if you feel like watching.  I got the Bio Belle facial masks in # Stay Gorgeous and # I Woke Up Like This.  They are $4.99 each.  The Stay Gorgeous one is supposed to hydrate and nourish.  The I Woke Up is supposed to enhance your natural glow thing.  The mask itself is made of a wood pulp that is supposed to be sustainable.  They have won awards in Europe, so maybe that's why the pronunciation is not the American version of "bio."  They may be using an European pronunciation, although I really want to know where the pronunciation came from, because I am weird and like to know things.

We get a lot of this brand so I wasn't busting out of my glittery polish to get this.  I think I've received this in another color, probably the Mink and it leaned too bronze in my opinion as well.  That one was an actual cream.  This is more of a cream powder.  It's the Hikari Cream Pigment in Latte this is 2 grams and the full size sells for $13.00.

I don't actually own many Nyx Butter Lipsticks.  I think it might have to do with my unhealthy habits at ColourPop doesn't leave me much money for other brands.  It's cool to get it in Ipsy.  This is the Nyx Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry.  It looks like a pretty berry color, a little on the sheer side.  It is a full size and they sell for $5.99.  It felt creamy, so it might be a danger to the teeth/lipstick illicit relationship that I try to avoid.

The Organic Pharmacy
I love getting eye creams, so I was pretty happy about this.  It's The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream.  In my YouTube video I had some concern about putting things from my eyes to lips and vise versa.  I still have that issue.  But it's packaging might make it possible to not cross contaminate if you use it carefully.  I have issues, so I'll probably not do that.  The full size of this says 10 ml on the website and on my package it also says that it is 10 ml.  I can't believe it's a full size though, because if it were, it would be $48.00.  Someone help me!  Let me know where my mistake is!  It is a nice thick cream that absorbs well and doesn't have a scent.  I'm looking forward to this as well.

Trust Fund Beauty
I saved my favorite item for last.  If you got the nail polish, most likely you either got $12.00 Latte, which is a pretty medium brown or this color.  Trust Fund Beauty I Give Good Tweet, which appears to be a part of a set they sell for $25.00.  Most of the full sized polishes are $15.00.  This is a beautiful bright blue that wants to be on my toe nails right now.  Except it can't, because I'm in the one week a month my toes actually match my fingers.  Soon....

Overall, I like this bag.  The Hikari was the only thing I went, "Eh." at.  I am really happy with the eye cream and the masks and the nail polish.  Good job Ipsy!

* I buy my own bags and all links are directly to the website.  None have a stop over at a pay me site.

February 2017 Glossy Box MISSING ITEM!!!

February 2017 Glossybox First Look

I love when there is the fresh scent of a new beauty box in the air.  The faint floral of the included perfume wafting up through the tissue paper.

Glossy Box
Okay, that might be some what of an exaggeration.  Glossybox is a $21.00 a month subscription box.  This is my referral link, you don't have to use it.  They have a "Glossydots" point system.  You do surveys on your box for 20 points each and referring a friend is 1000 points.  You can get a free box for 1k points.

This month's theme was #adoreGLOSSY and the lovely pink peony and black box was perfect for the Valentine's month.

Estée Edit
The first item everyone received was the Estée Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack.  This was a sample size .24 fl oz.  The full size is 1.7 fl oz and is $50.00.  It is an overnight water mask that is supposed to get you gorgeous as you sleep.  I really do enjoy these kinds of masks, so I'm looking forward to trying it.  It has a light floral scent and does feel hydrating.

Perfect Formula
Next up was another item everyone received, the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat.  This was a full size .60 fl oz and is $30.00.  I know.  I received this before and I thought the price was a little hefty.  It does make your nails look pretty and healthy's $30.00 for a nail polish.  It is supposed to be full of protein for healthy nails, but it does contain formaldehyde.

Jeanne Arthes
This was the last item everyone received in their box (the others were random).  It's the Jeanne Arthes L'eau de Rose Eau de parfum.  It is 30 ml and is a small full size that sells for $26.00.  It definitely has a rose scent but isn't quite as powdery as some.  It has some peach notes that make it a little younger smelling.  But it is a rose perfume.  It smells like roses.  So if that's not the scent game you're rocking, this won't be for you.  It is nice for spring and I like roses, so what the heck.  This was kinda fun.

The next item was Eve by Eves and there was a variation on what people would receive.  I received the full size .17 oz Eve by Eves Cherry Blossom Cream Blush.  It is $38.00 normally and I'm not sure if they're always on sale or if they did so because they were on Glossy Box, but right now this is on sale for $19.00.  It is a pretty pale ballet pink.  I have received several cream blushes now from my boxes in the last two months so I should be set for years.  This says it can be also used on the eyes and lips and it is slightly frosted.   It may work very well on the eyes (with a brush) as with nails this is extremely messy to get into.

My last item did not come.  I have emailed customer support, but they weren't helpful.  They told me to check my information card and the last two items people received one.  Then they closed my issue saying that it was solved.  I opened another issue and I also took the survey to say that I was not helped.  Hopefully, they will do something.  I do not have my box account linked to my blog or YouTube Channel and I didn't mention that I have both.  I don't really have much of a following, but even if I did, I would hope they would treat everyone the same.  So, I'm hoping that as a normal person, they will utilize good customer service.  I'm just not seeing it yet.

EDIT: Round two is a success!  I just a got a message from Glossybox and they will be sending me the missing item.  So, I'm not mad any more.  I ♥ Glossybox again.

Overall, I like this box.  It had some nice things to try.  I'm looking forward to trying the water mask.  I already know I like the outrageous pink polish, so I'm glad I don't even have to think about purchasing that.  The perfume and cream blush are okay, it'll be nice to try something different.

* I purchase my own boxes.  I am not sent them for review.