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Morphé Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites

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Morphé Brushes have popped up on YouTube lately.  It's mostly because Jaclyn Hill brought them up and was aux anges about their brushes and eye-shadows.  She was pumped at the quality for the price.  Other YouTubers jumped on the wagon and have generally said that the single shadows are "the" However, the big palettes are kinda eh.

Morphé is a smaller company out of Burbank, CA they sell their single shadows for $2.00 a pop.  That's pretty amazing.  They decided to collaborate with Jaclyn Hill and create a palette with her favorite Morphé colors.  I first heard about this from Kathleen Lights.  I was curious as I hadn't seen this from Jaclyn yet.  So, I watched what MannyMUA had to say.  

I was sooo torn.  As I have mentioned, I wasn't in love with the Gerard Cosmetics lip things.  They weren't bad, but I don't think they're worth the price.  I had just purchased the Too faced Semi Sweet Palette.  Did I need another palette?

I kinda forgot about it until January 1st when I was on Twitter.  OMG.  The ever loving hate.  People were so mad and flaming the site.  I was sort of shocked at how mean some people were being.  Yes, I understood the frustration, but there are real people behind the brand.  Plus, Morphé is a small company.  Apparently, it was a pain to get through and purchase the palette.

So, I had to give it a try.  From what I read, Firefox was the way to go.  I had it open on both my phone and pc.  Like everyone else, I kept getting booted and had to reload.  I would almost get there and then reload.  At some point it was like I just had to have it because I had been trying and I had become invested in winning and getting the dratted thing.

Yup, Jaclyn broke the internet without having to oil up.  Well, I don't know, maybe she did oil up, I haven't been stalking her.  

After hours of trying I did end up getting it.  I had thought the site had crashed on me again after I had entered my debit card info.  Luckily gmail alerted me a confirmation of the purchase and I didn't accidentally buy more.  I wasn't sure when it would ship, but a couple days ago I received notice that it had shipped.  In a later video, Jaclyn did say that they did sell out in two and half days, they will restock in February, and that the issue with the site is that is was hacked.  It was a DDOS (distributed denial of service) or DOS (denial of service) attack.

Then, BAM it arrived.

My box.  I got peanuts! Yay! 
Okay, for real, the moment of glory.
The back had a description by Jaclyn, herself.
My super nifty box.

The box was thin plastic.
The packaging felt kinda cheap, but I wasn't deterred by that.  How many times had I held a package and wondered how much of the price was due to the packaging?  I'm looking at you, Urban Decay Book of Shadows.

The excitement was building, how freaking pretty!

I knew the palette would have a lot of warm shades, because that's Jaclyn and Kathleen had already told me so.  I was sort of worried because that's not my thing, but what I love about palettes is that you are forced out of your comfort zone.

From Left to Right: ES4, ES54, ES6, ES76, ES64, ES14, ES75
  • ES4 (off white frost) feels very creamy.  It blends beautifully and is a great brow bone color.
  • ES54 (peachy sheen) is also very creamy and blends so well.  It is also a great brow bone color.
  • ES6 (nude sheen) is creamy, blends well, and would be great all over the lid or as a high light.
  • ES76 (peachy shimmer) isn't quite as pigmented as the others.  The site calls it a shimmering beige, but mine is definitely not beige.
  • ES64 (warm brown matte) is nicely pigmented and is a perfect transition color.
  • ES14 (matte orange) is wonderfully pigmented and super blend-able.
  • ES75 (metallic copper) is freaking gorgeous.  This is a shade that most eye colors can rock.  It's very pigmented and like the others, blends well.

From Left to Right: ES67, ES13, ES62, ES63, ES20, ES47, ES66
  • ES67 (pink brown pearl) isn't very pigmented, but it is great for transition, and blends so well.
  • ES13 (soft warm brown matte) is very pigmented, very blend-able, and is also great for transition.
  • ES62 (matte taupe brown) is buttery, has good pigmentation and blends easily.
  • ES63 (mid toned brown matte) is pigmented, blend-able, and is probably the darkest true brown in the palette.
  • ES20 (metallic golden brown) would have knocked my socks off had I been wearing them when I swatched this.  It seriously swatches like a liquid.  It's buttery, richly pigmented, and blends easily. 
  • ES47 (frosted golden tangerine) is beautifully pigmented, blends well, and is just a pretty color.
  • ES66 (matte coral) is decently pigmented, blends like a dream, with a slightly drier feel.

From Left to Right: ES33, ES68, ES16, ES15, ES61, ES24, ES74
  • ES33 (baby pink pearl) is so very buttery and pigmented.  It blends like a dream.  It's super pretty.
  • ES68 (metallic raspberry) is beautifully pigmented and blends well.
  • ES16 (blushed brown matte) is decently pigmented, great for crease, and blends fairly well.
  • ES15 (orange brown matte) is buttery, well pigmented, and blends like a dream.
  • ES61 (mid toned brown matte) is buttery, nicely pigmented, and blends very well.
  • ES24 (matte deep red brown) is creamy, richly pigmented, and though it does blend well, it needs more work than the others.  
  • ES74 (metallic deep copper) is insanely pigmented, buttery, and blends very well.  It's super pretty.

At this point, I really liked the palette and was pretty impressed.  Then I hit the last row...

From Left to Right: ES11, ES59, ES38, ES53, ES48, ES71, ES19
  • ES11 (metallic burnt copper) is richly pigmented, buttery, and blends beautifully.  It's pretty stunning and I'm not into the orangy colors.
  • ES59 (matte magenta) is very pigmented, a little on the drier side, and blends nicely.
  • ES38 (lavender pearl) seriously reminds me of a lavender akoya pearl.  It's just so freaking pretty.  It is a little dry, but is beautifully pigmented and blends well.
  • ES53 (plummy magenta frost) is almost metallic in it's glory.  It's very hard to describe this color, but it's spectacular.  I was already in heaven over the previous color.  With this I almost melted into a puddle on the carpet.  It is a little dry, gloriously pigmented, and very blend-able.
  • ES48 (blackened plum shimmer) caused my puddle to steam and it was ecstasy.  It's creamy, dazzlingly pigmented, and blends like heaven.
  • ES71 (deep maroon matte) just finished me off.  It's creamy, intensely pigmented, and blends so beautifully.  Why had I waited to try these shadows?  Why?!
  • ES19 (jade shimmer) is the odd one out.  It seems pretty random but it very pretty.  It is buttery, pigmented, and blends well.

I adore purple.  For years I have lamented the MAC purples and how there are so many misses.  To be honest, I was afraid this palette was going to be like most inexpensive palettes and be "good for the price."  Which, we all know means that it's okay but not great, but we didn't pay much so it's works out.  These shadows are better than my Urban Decay, Tarte, Too faced, and MAC.

When I wore these to work, people kept commenting on how beautiful my eye-shadow was.  They talked about how I should do make-up for a living.  I really think the quality of these shadows was to blame for that! They talked about how the purples made my eyes pop.  This palette is a green eyed girl's dream.  I'm obsessed.

The blending and pigmentation is a lesson to my higher priced shadows.  I cannot believe I had thought "pass" so many times.  I seriously thought this would be another case of hype.  When you blend these colors out, you don't lose the colors.  Morphé, I tip my hat to you.  Note to self, get a hat.

The only problems with this palette are the lack of a true outer V color.  For the more dramatic looks I found I still had to look for Urban Decay's Black Heart or a matte black or a very deep brown.  The green did feel a little lost, but does work well for a pop of color if you play with the golds, coppers, or browns.  The packaging is cheap and rather large for storage, but the quality of the shadows makes up for this.  It also makes me sad that they are always out of stock on the colors, however, it is a smaller company that totally got blown up faster than they probably expected.

I also bewail the fact that it so hard to get.  Yes, I have worked sales, I understand supply and demand.  I know that part of what will make this palette sell so well is the limited quantity.  However, I think that this palette is pretty amazing and will sell even if it is no longer limited edition.  

It will be released again in February.  I highly suggest getting your hands on this.  If you cannot, the colors are all part of their regular collection and you can buy them individually.  For $27.99 it is definitely worth the price.  Jaclyn has the code JACATTACK to get 20% off.  Which makes it an even better value.  If you buy the individual shadows, they are $2.00 each and a great value.  You can use her code for those as well.  If you are on a budget, I hope this gives you notice to SAVE the money to get the palette.

I'm thinking I might have to try their brushes as well.

* Morphé did not send me this palette and didn't care whether or not I reviewed them.  I paid for them myself after waiting to buy just like everyone else.

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