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Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream Review

By 2:29 PM

For Marlena March I had agonized over my list.  You have no idea how many times I revised my cart.  I pulled shadows out and put them back.  But Beaches and Cream was one of the ones that went into the cart and did not come out.

One thing I've learned from being obsessed with YouTube is that even if you're doing a cool toned look, a warm transition color makes the look.  It helps finish it and make it look alive.  MannyMUA is the one that sold me on this color.  It was this video, which I was watching to learn more about the Jaclyn Hill Morphé palette.  He does a tutorial at the end (somehow I missed the tutorial when I first watched it, no idea what was up with that) and in it he just sounds so forlorn about not having his Beaches and Cream.  I knew the color had to be that good.

He used it again in another stunning tutorial and now I think I need to add Cocoa Bear and Bitten to my list.  I wasn't going to because I thought they're too warm, but what the heck.  Warm looks are the thing right now, it seems.  Crisspy used it in this tutorial.  Pin Up Beauty used in this pretty cranberry look.  Diana Ottenwalder used it in this cut crease look.  It just seemed like one of those utility shades.

Like the other Makeup Geek eye-shadow pans, Beaches and Cream is $5.99 for 1.8 g.

Beaches and Cream
Beaches and Cream is a matte sandy peach.  It is very soft to the touch.

It is decently pigmented but is a tad bit powdery.  It does work well for a transition and blending out dark colors.

One of the other MAC eye-shadows I use sparingly because it one of my loves is Grain.  I never thought I would like Grain.  It looks like nothing.   But TiffanyD totally made me purchase it.  It has been a dream for the same purpose I would use Beaches and Cream.  They are not dupes, just the same bread and butter type of shade.

From Left to Right: MUG Beaches and Cream and MAC Grain. 

Left to Right: MUG Beaches and Cream and MAC Grain
As you can see, Beaches is definitely more peachy and is matte.  I don't think that Beaches will replace Grain, but it does have a softer texture and better pigmentation.  It is powdery though.

Overall, it's a decent shadow.  It lasts fairly well.  It is nice for warming up a look without being too warm.

Oh and just a quick note, the Jaclyn Hill Palette is still listed as sold out on the Morphé website.  They said it will be back March-April 2015 and to follow them on Instagram to get updates.

* I bought all of my MUG and MAC shadows myself.  I was induced by many YouTube videos to purchase them.

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