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Jouer Mermaid Collection Lip Topper Skinny Dip Review

By 8:37 PM

Sadly, this is the last item I have purchased from the Mermaid Collection.  I do want to try the highlighting palette.  At first I was like, no, I'm too pale for colors.  But my sister pointed out a YouTuber who was nearly as pale as me rocking it.  So...maybe.  However, this blog isn't called BrokeWoman for nothing.  I'm not sure I'll be able to afford it before it vanishes.

Oh well.  I have four products from the collection and that's pretty cool.  I have the eyeshadow palette, Unicorn, and Fairy as well.  It is £12.50 on Cult Beauty, but there is a wait list at this time.  Unfortunately, right now that is the only place I can still find this.  I'm hoping there will be more releases soon!

This is the Jouer Mermaid Collection Lip Topper in Skinny Dip.  This product is meant to be worn alone or as a metallic topper to your liquid lipsticks.  It has coconut oil and can make the liquid lipstick more comfortable.  Unlike with a regular gloss, this is not supposed to break down the liquid lipstick.

This looks like it will be a strong gold.  But, it is sheer and glittery.

It is a little thick and it is on the sticky side of life.

If you just want something summery but with a little pop, this would be great.  It has a little grit and when it fades you will have little gold particles left on your lips.  You should apply a thin coat once the liquid lipstick has dried.  It will look scary gold at first but you can even it out and make it look less dramatic.  Or go all the way....


Unicorn on Skinny Dip
It is lovely as a lip topper.  It does shorten the life of the liquid lip just a little.  I like wearing them until they get almost drying and then adding the topper, or just applying to the center of the lip.  You can see the matte of Unicorn on top and then Skinny Dip working its magic on the bottom.


Fairy with Skinny Dip
In these pictures you can see the metallic Fairy om top and then on the bottom we upped the ante with Skinny Dip.

I love the color of Pure Hollywood but the formula was much too drying for me in the winter.  This topper makes it so pretty and comfortable.

I really like this, but it does look a little odd when it dries.  You may want to reapply or add lip balm at that point.  It was $16.00 for the full size 5.9 ml of this product.  I really hope that Jouer extends the release of this or takes it off the chop list.

* I purchased my own Skinny Dip and there was no nudity required.

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