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April 2017 Boxycharm First Look

By 11:17 PM

I always look forward to getting my subscription boxes, but I have to admit, Boxycharm is my favorite box.  Every time I receive a box it has been worth every penny and then some.  If you want, this is my referral link.  When you refer a friend you receive 500 points.  You also receive points just for getting a box delivered! 

For $21.00 a month you get four to five full size products. The points earned take off money in the store.  The store isn't as extensive as Birchbox, but it's still pretty good.  1000 points will take off $10.00, 2000 takes off $20.00, and so on.  It also contains a card that lists the prices and information on the products you receive.

The theme for this month was Boho Glow.  I love the card and how it has a little dream catcher on it.

I really like beauty sponges and I have to admit, I don't often voyage past my Beauty Blender.  When I saw that we were getting the Pur Blend Squad, I pretty excited.  This definitely gives me a chance to try something new!  Maybe I don't have to spend $20.00 on a BB.  Maybe I can love these.  They are $36.00 for the set, which boils down to $12.00 each.  I think it's cute that they're in spring colors!  I really like the pale blue one.  If these don't end up being my fav, maybe they'll be great for travel since I wouldn't want to take the BB.  These are latex free, which is great, because people sometimes have allergies to that.  I don't know how often latex is in these sorts of sponges.

I enjoyed the mask from this brand that we received previously.  Or I did until my roommate claimed it for his.  I'm hiding this one.  The is Project Beauty's Hairgurt in Strawberry Banana Smoothing Shampoo.  It smells like a strawberry banana smoothie, but light on the banana.  At 4 oz this is technically the full size for $10.00.  However, they have 8 oz sizes for $12.00 and I don't think you need me to do the math for you on that to figure out the better value.  There is also a coconut açai one for curly hair that is making me even more jealous than I already am for curly haired people.  This has bio-keratin, quinoa, prebiotics, and doesn't have sulfates or parabens.  It also doesn't test on animals that aren't people shaped.


After years of matte lips, my lips are putting up a fight and I've been wearing more glosses lately.  So, I wasn't sad that we got a gloss.  The Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lip Gloss in Umbria is a golden color that will look pretty with a tan.  It has a decent scent but the flavor is pure oil.  The bottle feels cheap, but I don't care too much about that.  The applicator is flexible but it felt almost flimsy, rather than being something special. It does feel quite comfortable on the lips and didn't feel too sticky.  It does contain castor oil, which isn't good for pets and I'd imagine keeping it away from small children would be a good idea as well.  It is gluten and paraben free.  It is $16.00 for 2.5 ml and the full size was in the box.

 This will definitely help you get your glow on.  I like getting Ofra products and I've heard good things about the Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive.  I was kinda surprised at the color of the one I saw on the website.  It looked more white toned and I think I would have really loved that!  This may be a little dark on me, it's a pale gold with some pink to it.  But I'm hoping it'll work.  This was a full size 10 oz product that sells for $35.00 (best to find a YouTuber you like with a 30% off code).  The packaging on this is also fairly cheap, but I try to think that Ofra just spends the money on the product?  Or the YouTubers that make me want to buy the products lol.  It is quite buttery and would be so pretty on someone who tans.

 The last item was Measurable Difference's Diamond Collection 16 Shade Concealer Palette.  It is a fairly decent range of shades.  I'm not sure it will work for the very dark or very fair though.  It is on the drier side, which will work well for blemishes.  Although, I would have put in a green toned shade to mix if that that were the purpose.  As it is a little dry, it may work best to mix with and oil or moisturizer to loosen it up to use for cream contouring.  I'm not sure I would put this under my eyes, but I may try it when I don't have to leave the house to see how it goes.  It is full size and each shade is 2 grams of product.  It's $20.00 on the website.

I think this box was pretty solid.  There isn't anything I don't want to try.  It wasn't a box that made me go gaga, but I liked it.  It had a value of $117.00.

* I pay for my own boxes.  All of my links go straight to the company and do not have a pay site stop over.

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