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Make-Up Remover

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I am going to share with you a beauty secret.  Gather round the glow of your monitor/phone screen.

Once upon a time lived a thirty-three year old woman with fair skin in a dry climate.  The ravages of age tore at her fragile skin, born in the worst place for her skin type.

But the woman would not give in.  She fought these battles and vowed to try to preserve her skin.  She used sun screen and avoided tans.  She moisturized well and drank lots of water.

But do you know her understated secret of youthful skin?  It wasn't high priced luxury eye make-up remover.  (This actually dried out my under eye area and made me look older! Gasp!)

It wasn't the much talked about oil of coconut.

It was the simple oil of avocado.

She used it first, gently massaging it into the skin to dissolve the make-up (even water proof mascara or glitter eye-shadow glued on with Too faced Glitter Glue or a bright red lip).  Then she rinsed, using warm water (never use hot water as it dries out the skin).  She followed, using a gentle cleanser to remove the residual oil and dirt.  She finished with cool water to rinse the cleanser and followed with a good moisturizer.

Avocado Oil contains Sterolin,which is good for softening skin and aiding in the fading of age spots.  It has many other vitamins like A, D, and E.  It absorbs well and doesn't break the skin out like Coconut Oil might for the sensitive.

I get asked all the time what I do to my skin to make it look so young and this is my secret.  I pass my secrets to you.  You're welcome.

 In a pinch, when I'm not feeling the full face routine for whatever reason I just use a micellar water like this one.  It does clean off make-up decently.  It is great if you are camping.  This will disappoint you for waterproof make-up.

So, while I'm a advocate of taking care of your skin, I don't feel you have to break the bank to do it.  I bought my avocado oil for 11.59 at Vitacost.  I used Ebates (I'm broke, not stupid!).  I have had it for months and it is cheap, easy, great for your skin, and amazing for the winter.  You can also use it for cooking, so yay!  Although, I'm totally weird and keep certain oils for cooking and others for cosmetics.  It's like cleaning towels and face towels.  You understand...right?

* I bought these products with my own hard earned cash.  There were no nefarious offers for my sample reviews or thought process.

** The Ebates link is one of those points for me thing.  If you wish to do so you may just go to Ebates and use them and avoid giving me points.  Just like my family.... Insert sad face.  Lol!  Seriously joking!

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