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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip and Lip Pencil in Chi with Karrueche

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ColourPop has some wonderful matte lipsticks.  They are my favorite brand for that as they perform as well in the majority of cases as much more expensive brands.  It makes it hard to purchase those more expensive brands, as I know I could pay $6.00 or $18.00 and let me tell you what my frugal budget prefers!

These products are made in the USA, not tested on animals, and Vegan.  The lip liner sells for $5.00 for the 1 g pencil and the Ultra Matte Lip sells for $6.00 for the 3.2 g full size.

ColourPop also does many wonderful collaborations.  The ColorPop Ultra Matte Lip and Lip Pencil are an example of this.  They come from the KaePop Collection, in which they worked with actress and model Karrueche.  Karrueche Tran is a very lovely young lady and it's wonderful that ColourPop is collaborating with people of different skin tones as their creations may reach demographics that other colors may miss.  I'm personally hoping for a collaboration with a ghost with cool undertones.

One thing that will jump out at you as different in this collection is the subtle coloring difference in this product vs the normal coloring.  In this collaboration, touches of rose gold are added.  I love this addition.  It is so pretty.  The pencil also feels slightly more substantial and the printing a little more bold.  This may be in my head, but I have noticed this difference in the new pencils.

Left to Right: Chi Liner and Lip
This color is described as "a cool tone nude beige."  I think it has a tad too much yellow to be called cool toned.  It is a lovely color and I think this would be perfect for people with olive skin.

As you can tell, this color has opaque pigmentation.  It is like most liquid lipsticks and you want to exfoliate better than I did and moisturize.  It will dry out your lips.  I found this one to be slightly more drying than others by ColourPop.  It does last for many hours.

I probably wouldn't buy this again.  It wasn't the cool beige I thought it would be.  However, I think it's a decent formula and a nice color, just not what I wanted.

* I got my own Chi.  No one thought to send me Chi.

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