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March 2016 Boxycharm First Look

By 7:56 PM

I always look forward to getting my subscription boxes, but I have to admit, Boxycharm is one of the more exciting boxes.  If you want, this is my referral link.  When you refer a friend you receive 500 points.  You also receive points just for getting a box delivered!

For $21.00 a month you get four to five full size products. The points earned take off money in the store.  The store isn't as extensive as Birchbox, but it's still pretty good.  1000 points will take off $10.00, 2000 takes off $20.00, and so on.  It also contains a card that lists the prices and information on the products you receive.  Well, usually.  This month the card didn't give us that information.  It may have been because everyone received slightly different things.  I missed my card.

The theme this month was Sweet Treats and it was rather cute.

Catherine Malandrino
I like receiving perfumes as reviews aren't usually helpful with them because body chemistry can change the scent on a person.  Sure it's nice to know if it have lavender, which would tell me to run, but it won't tell me how it smells unless I tried it on.  The Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris is Catherine's first perfume and opens with grapefruit, pear, and mandarin.  It also has orange blossom, gardenia, and violet.  The small .3 oz size spray of this is $20.00.

Clark's Botanicals
I'm not sure how this fits with the sweet treats theme, but I still like getting eye creams.  The Clark's Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream is a full size .5 product and sells for $87.00.  Yes, $87.00.  It is gluten free, does not test on animals, and has no sulfates or parabens.  It has Vitamin K to help with dark circles and is supposed to smooth and soften skin.  Clark's has a rather sad beginning that turned into something beautiful.  Francesco Clark had an accident that left him paralyzed and without the ability to sweat.  This lead to skin issues and he turned to his father for help and they began building what would be Clark's Botanicals after others began loving the products as well.  I really hope I don't love this product, because it's not exactly cheap.

Next up is a familiar brand to the beauty subscription box/bag world.  Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color Pencil is $18.00 for the full size.  It has a small tip and is a neutral taupe color.  It feels rather smooth.  You can control the pigmentation by the pressure you put on it.  The pencil comes in more colors other than taupe, including a auburn that seems rather popular.  Chella is supposed to be Cruelty Free.

As much as I love receiving brushes the Mistura Retractable Brush which retails for $15.32 might seem inexpensive, however I don't think it's worth even that much.  It's not dense enough for blush or fluffy enough for powder.  It's just kind of eh.

 When I saw that Makeup Geek was coming, I was happy.  I was concerned that I might have the shades that were coming.  It wouldn't have been the end of the world, I could have given it away or saved it for backup if it was a color I'm in love with.

Luckily, I received two colors I didn't have yet.  I received the ever popular Cocoa Bear, which I thought about purchasing but wasn't sure I would like because I know it's on the warm side.  It's a matte ruddy brown. This sells for $6.00.  I also got I'm Peachless which is one of the duochrome shades.  This is a peachy pink and is definitely warm.  This also sells for $6.00.

I paid $21.00 for this box and if I had bought everything it would have been $152.32.  I think I got quite the bang for my buck.  This was a very good box, even if the brush wasn't very good.

* I paid for my own Boxycharm.

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