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February 2017 Glossybox First Look

By 5:17 PM

I love when there is the fresh scent of a new beauty box in the air.  The faint floral of the included perfume wafting up through the tissue paper.

Glossy Box
Okay, that might be some what of an exaggeration.  Glossybox is a $21.00 a month subscription box.  This is my referral link, you don't have to use it.  They have a "Glossydots" point system.  You do surveys on your box for 20 points each and referring a friend is 1000 points.  You can get a free box for 1k points.

This month's theme was #adoreGLOSSY and the lovely pink peony and black box was perfect for the Valentine's month.

Estée Edit
The first item everyone received was the Estée Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack.  This was a sample size .24 fl oz.  The full size is 1.7 fl oz and is $50.00.  It is an overnight water mask that is supposed to get you gorgeous as you sleep.  I really do enjoy these kinds of masks, so I'm looking forward to trying it.  It has a light floral scent and does feel hydrating.

Perfect Formula
Next up was another item everyone received, the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat.  This was a full size .60 fl oz and is $30.00.  I know.  I received this before and I thought the price was a little hefty.  It does make your nails look pretty and healthy's $30.00 for a nail polish.  It is supposed to be full of protein for healthy nails, but it does contain formaldehyde.

Jeanne Arthes
This was the last item everyone received in their box (the others were random).  It's the Jeanne Arthes L'eau de Rose Eau de parfum.  It is 30 ml and is a small full size that sells for $26.00.  It definitely has a rose scent but isn't quite as powdery as some.  It has some peach notes that make it a little younger smelling.  But it is a rose perfume.  It smells like roses.  So if that's not the scent game you're rocking, this won't be for you.  It is nice for spring and I like roses, so what the heck.  This was kinda fun.

The next item was Eve by Eves and there was a variation on what people would receive.  I received the full size .17 oz Eve by Eves Cherry Blossom Cream Blush.  It is $38.00 normally and I'm not sure if they're always on sale or if they did so because they were on Glossy Box, but right now this is on sale for $19.00.  It is a pretty pale ballet pink.  I have received several cream blushes now from my boxes in the last two months so I should be set for years.  This says it can be also used on the eyes and lips and it is slightly frosted.   It may work very well on the eyes (with a brush) as with nails this is extremely messy to get into.

My last item did not come.  I have emailed customer support, but they weren't helpful.  They told me to check my information card and the last two items people received one.  Then they closed my issue saying that it was solved.  I opened another issue and I also took the survey to say that I was not helped.  Hopefully, they will do something.  I do not have my box account linked to my blog or YouTube Channel and I didn't mention that I have both.  I don't really have much of a following, but even if I did, I would hope they would treat everyone the same.  So, I'm hoping that as a normal person, they will utilize good customer service.  I'm just not seeing it yet.

EDIT: Round two is a success!  I just a got a message from Glossybox and they will be sending me the missing item.  So, I'm not mad any more.  I ♥ Glossybox again.

Overall, I like this box.  It had some nice things to try.  I'm looking forward to trying the water mask.  I already know I like the outrageous pink polish, so I'm glad I don't even have to think about purchasing that.  The perfume and cream blush are okay, it'll be nice to try something different.

* I purchase my own boxes.  I am not sent them for review.

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