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February 2017 Ipsy First Look

By 7:28 PM

 It's my favorite time of the month!  Subscription box/bag time!  This is my February 2017 Ipsy bag. Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription bag.  You do earn points be reviewing the products and getting your friends to join, this is my referral code if you ever want to use it.  The Ipsy points have been doing better lately.  There have been lots of things under 1k points.  However, they are nearly always sold out, so you really have to be on it to get them.  I am not usually on it.

Ipsy Bag
This month's bag didn't scream Valentine's for me.  Maybe it was anti-Valentine?  It was a blue denim material with bright orange tubing and orange lips on the zipper.

Bio Belle
I was so excited to see these in my bag!  If you watch Madison Miller on YouTube, she talks about them all the time.  This is her Ipsy unbagging if you feel like watching.  I got the Bio Belle facial masks in # Stay Gorgeous and # I Woke Up Like This.  They are $4.99 each.  The Stay Gorgeous one is supposed to hydrate and nourish.  The I Woke Up is supposed to enhance your natural glow thing.  The mask itself is made of a wood pulp that is supposed to be sustainable.  They have won awards in Europe, so maybe that's why the pronunciation is not the American version of "bio."  They may be using an European pronunciation, although I really want to know where the pronunciation came from, because I am weird and like to know things.

We get a lot of this brand so I wasn't busting out of my glittery polish to get this.  I think I've received this in another color, probably the Mink and it leaned too bronze in my opinion as well.  That one was an actual cream.  This is more of a cream powder.  It's the Hikari Cream Pigment in Latte this is 2 grams and the full size sells for $13.00.

I don't actually own many Nyx Butter Lipsticks.  I think it might have to do with my unhealthy habits at ColourPop doesn't leave me much money for other brands.  It's cool to get it in Ipsy.  This is the Nyx Butter Lipstick in Ripe Berry.  It looks like a pretty berry color, a little on the sheer side.  It is a full size and they sell for $5.99.  It felt creamy, so it might be a danger to the teeth/lipstick illicit relationship that I try to avoid.

The Organic Pharmacy
I love getting eye creams, so I was pretty happy about this.  It's The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream.  In my YouTube video I had some concern about putting things from my eyes to lips and vise versa.  I still have that issue.  But it's packaging might make it possible to not cross contaminate if you use it carefully.  I have issues, so I'll probably not do that.  The full size of this says 10 ml on the website and on my package it also says that it is 10 ml.  I can't believe it's a full size though, because if it were, it would be $48.00.  Someone help me!  Let me know where my mistake is!  It is a nice thick cream that absorbs well and doesn't have a scent.  I'm looking forward to this as well.

Trust Fund Beauty
I saved my favorite item for last.  If you got the nail polish, most likely you either got $12.00 Latte, which is a pretty medium brown or this color.  Trust Fund Beauty I Give Good Tweet, which appears to be a part of a set they sell for $25.00.  Most of the full sized polishes are $15.00.  This is a beautiful bright blue that wants to be on my toe nails right now.  Except it can't, because I'm in the one week a month my toes actually match my fingers.  Soon....

Overall, I like this bag.  The Hikari was the only thing I went, "Eh." at.  I am really happy with the eye cream and the masks and the nail polish.  Good job Ipsy!

* I buy my own bags and all links are directly to the website.  None have a stop over at a pay me site.

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