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ColourPop Holiday 2015 Fauncy (eyeliner) Set

By 6:52 PM

Much like the previous set I bought, Vixen, I was drawn to this set because of one color.  It looked like a dupe for a certain high end product that is quite popular and an Allure recommended item. We'll get to that color in a minute, or however long it takes me to write and you to read until that point.  I know, I'm a tease!

Are you ready to get all Fauncy with me?

Fauncy box
Fauncy is the set in a pink and black box.  This set sells for $30.00 and has three gel eyeliner sticks and three gel eyeliner pots.  The eyeliner game is new to Colourpop.  The colors in the box are not as yet sold separately.  The pencils are .2 g and the pots are 3 grams of product.

Like their other products, the gel eyeliners are made in the USA, vegan, and cruelty free.  There is an exception to the vegan made products and those are listed in the FAQ section of the website.  In this box there is one non vegan item.  I'll list that with the individual item.

Oooh packing
As with the other box, it was well packaged.  It is a thick cardboard with a lip that pulls out.  There is a foam inset that fits nicely over the interior of the box, keeping everything nice and secure.  There is a large mirror that is clear and not marred by cheap cloudiness.

Unlike some packaging, it is easy to remove any of the items you want without damaging the packaging.  It's good for a gift in its presentation.

The pencil liners are not actual pencils with sharpening and all that jazz.  They're the roll up kind and they are rather delicate, so it's advised not to roll up too far. Now good to the good stuff!

Under flash
The first color comes with both a pencil liner and a matching pot.  It's called Soiree and it is a lovely metallic gunmetal with olive undertones.

The pencil has wonderful pigmentation.  I wear contacts and it does not irritate my eyes.  It has creamy application and it lasts almost as well as some of my UD liners.  This should be an item sold individually.

The gel pot isn't quite as wonderful.  Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful color and I was super excited about it.  It just has a dry formula and the pigmentation isn't bad but it's not wonderful either.  I've tried using different brushes and the result is still the same.  If you use this, make sure you aren't wearing a darker look, because it just won't show.  I give this an almost good rating.  Just a tiny bit more pigment and a little creaminess and it would be perfect.  It is a great color and if you put in the work, it is unusual without being in your face.

The next color is also a set with the pencil and the gel.  It's called Bustier and I'm liking where this party is going.  Bad joke?  Yeah, I know...  It's a matte blackened olive.
Yup, flashed

The pencil is creamy, but a little drier than Soiree.  It is a cool color and is a subtle blackened olive.  It might look like a soft black at first glance.  It's good for people who want some color but not anything over the top.

If possible the gel pot was drier than Soiree.  It has a lot of potential, but with dryness and suffering from the same pigmentation issues as Soiree, it is the most blah color in this whole package.  It might work best as an eye-shadow base, rather than an eyeliner.  It will also look like a soft black at first glance.

More flashing
This was the last gel pot in the set.  I would actually love a matching liner.  I used to have one by Victoria's Secret that was my little buddy.  This color is Polar and it's black with glitter.  It is perfect for the holidays, date night, or if you just love glitter.

However, it's just about the same as Soiree in that it could use a little more pigmentation and be more creamy.  It is dry compared to other gel liners I own and takes some work to build up.  It has so much potential though!  This would be wonderful if there was a little reformulation and it was released individually, with matching liner.

Sooo much flashing
This is the last item in the set and the pencil without a matching gel pot.  This is the only non vegan item in the box and is the only color that isn't a black color.  It's called Frill and is a metallic lavender.

This color is the rock star of the bunch and the one I was most excited about.  It is creamy, has wonderful pigmentation and is a beautiful pop of color that isn't crazy or over the top.  It also lasts quite a while, even in the water line.  It doesn't irritate my eyes.  Most eye colors look wonderful with purples and this works on many different skin tones.  This NEEDS to be available individually and not as a limited edition.

Top to bottom: MJ (luna)tic and CP Frill - flash used
Remember a minute ago when I teased you with a potential high end dupe?  Here she is, my friends.  Marc Jacobs has this gorgeous color called (luna)tic.  It's .5g and made in Korea.  It's also $25.00 a pencil and Sephora has had issues with having it in stock.

Like Frill, Luna is a roll up pencil.  However, Luna has a little more red tones and more glitter.  While it swatches beautifully, it barely shows up on my skin at all, even my water line.  It made me soooooo sad.  I couldn't even do the review I planned because I just kept waiting for it to be worth $25.00.  It's not for me, although maybe if you have darker skin.  When I saw Frill I hoped it was that dupe.  It's not an exact, but it is close.  It also performs better.  To buy the set for Frill alone would not be cost effective.  But if they make this a permanent color that is available all by its lonesome?  Omg...

Overall, this is a decent set.  It has some cool colors, although some are a little too similar.  The gel pots could use a little more work, but they're not bad.  There are a couple stand outs: Frill, Polar and the Soiree liner.  It is worth $30.00.  Do you need to rush out and get this or cry yourself to sleep if you don't get it before it vanishes?  No.  Are there some cool things that would make a good gift or a fun thing to own? Yes.

I'm happy I bought it and really hope certain colors become permanent.  It isn't the best set of the 2015 Holiday, but it's nice to have.

* I bought my own Fauncy party.  No one invited me to this seasonal event, nor did they send it to me, hope I would review it, or trade booze for my thoughts.

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