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ColourPop Holiday 2015 Vixen (lippies) Set

By 10:12 PM

I'm not sure if you've noticed yet, but I have a thing for ColourPop.  There are hits and misses, but in general it's in the win column.  So, when I saw that ColourPop was having a set for the holidays, I was interested.  When I saw 54 in this video by Young Wild and Polished, I died.  Not literally, of course.  After I came to, I hunted every image, video, anything about 54.  I might have been a little obsessed.

Then I went to order it.  It comes in the Holiday 2015 Vixen Set and it sells for $30.00.  You receive six full size lippies.  Full size is one gram of product.  I anxiously awaited my delivery.  I haunted my mail box.  There was a different carrier this time and a comedy of errors it seems, so a week and one day after the delivery date, I was finally tearing open my box of lipstick goodness.

As a note, as with most of their other lippie sets, these do not have matching liners.  Maybe one day!

All Colourpop products are cruelty free and made in the USA.  Most products are vegan, but those that are not are listed in the FAQ's.  All of these lippies are vegan.

Hello gorgeous

I'll apologize now for the bad lighting, it was dark by the time I got home from work, seeing as how it's winter and there are less hours of light.  As a true broke woman, I don't have fancy equipment, just me and my trusty phone.

The package is black and a foiled purple.  It is cardboard but does feel sturdy.  The front lip is magnetized and is where you open it.

Not pictured, lots of foam packaging
The mirror is good sized and not cloudy.  It was all packaged well and after a moment of giddiness, I got down to business.  By business I mean drawing on my arm.

The first color in the set is Ruffle.  It's a matte formula.  It's a warm terracotta brown.  When I first saw it, all I could think of was Monica from Friends.  It really seems like a color that I can remember her wearing.  I could be way off base.  It has happened once or twice.

Warm colors are not me, but this wasn't extremely far off the base.  I probably won't wear it much, so I might see if I can find someone who won't mind it if I tried it on once.  This would look so amazing on someone with a warm tones.  It seems most people do, so this might be the thing that sells you on this.  They should make this color permanent though, it really would look amazing on so many people.

Next up was a color that totally surprised me.  It's called Last Call and is a créme formula.  My favorite formula is usually the matte, but I did love how this feels on the lips and that it does last a long time.

Did I mention the color is gorgeous?  It is.  It is that perfect nude pink that I have dreamed about for ages.  If you have cool toned skin, this... hold on a sec, I was having a moment. If you have cool toned skin, this may be your new bff.  It's a cool toned mauve pink that I think "blush pink" when I see it.  It's not so cool that warm skin tones need to run into the light and far away from this shade.  This is another color from the set I hope Colourpop makes permanent or sells individually so I can stock up.

I was a little confused by the next color.  Not like I suddenly forgot colors or anything, but why a hot pink was in a holiday collection.  Hot pinks usually seem spring or summer to me.  It is a pretty color though.  It's called Night Owl and is another créme formula.

It's a cool toned hot pink and it's not obnoxious and loud like some hot pinks are (I'd still probably wear those too).  It's a nice color, nothing that will blow you away and make you weep, unless hot pink is your game.  If it is, you might really love this color.

While I have been branching into purples, this one did intimidate me a little from the swatches.  It's called Plastics (love the name) and is their matte formula.  It's a ruddy violet and is very nice for the season.

This color would be good on warm or cool skin tones, but I think would look best on someone with dark skin.  People with dark skin usually seem to be able to rock purples in a way that makes me super jealous. Much like with Night Owl, I liked it, but this wasn't something I tripped out over.

54 is the color I went bananas over after seeing the video.  It reminded me of Lancôme's Fashion Icon.  It is definitely not a dupe, but the metallic formula of Fashion Icon is similar to the pearlized finish of 54.  This is the second pearlized finish I have from ColourPop, the first being Wet.  It is a wine color with pink and red glitter.

Unlike FI, the small amount of glitter in this does not give it a gritty texture.  It goes on creamy and feels very comfortable.  I do love the color and it was my second favorite in this set, after Last Call.

The color is very flattering and I did not want to take it off to do the next swatch, but such is life.  This color would be wonderful for the holidays.  I would be happy if they sold it individually and maybe relaunched in July for Independence Day.

The glitter isn't in your face, just a nice pop of it.  It'll make you feel more festive, I promise.  Although, if glitter makes you gag, you may want to avoid this color because the glitter will give you a sad face.

What is a holiday lip set without a red?  Jingle is a matte formula in Christmas red.  It isn't a dupe for Mac's Ruby Woo, which looks slightly pinker next to Jingle and is definitely a different texture, more of a dry formula.

It is very creamy and easy to apply.  It does have a long dry down time in which it will transfer and potentially smear.  Once it dries down it does lock in place for quite a while.   I really like this color though and think it's a really good red for any skin color.  It would work best with a liner under it.

That's all folks.  Over all, I did like this set, I think it runs a pretty neutral ground and isn't something that only caters to one certain skin type.  There is something for everyone and as such there will be a color that you won't like.  Unless you're a magical being who looks good in everything.  In which case, I wish I had your magic powers.

For $30.00 this is a great set.  It is packaged nicely enough that this would be a good gift for someone who loves lipstick or who wants to get into it.  It would also be great to break up and give pieces to people who you know would love a certain color.

I think ColourPop did a great job with this one.  What color was your favorite?

* I had my swatch fest on my own broke dime.  No one sends me color or asks me to review things.

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