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December 2015 Birchbox First Look

By 4:18 PM

Yay subscription box time!  As usual, we'll start with Birchbox.  It's a $10.00 a month subscription box.  I love their points system.  You can refer friends for 50 points and if you ever want to use my link it's here. The sample choices allowed you to pick which color of eye-shadow you wanted and you'll see below which ones I picked.  Next month's picks are up here and they're pretty good, although I thought the Eyeko pencil was something that was supposed to be added to all boxes before it was locked away in customs a while back.

Love this month's box
This month's box was white and silver with a winter sweater look and chartreuse base box with blue paper.  They all include a list of what you received and how much the full size was.

 They told us to keep our boxes last year, so I have, but I still don't know why.  Maybe it's just a continuity error or something.

Harvey Prince
Can I tell you how excited that I got more Harvey Prince?  Blech.  I don't really like their fragrances and I really wish we wouldn't get them all the time.  This was Harvey Prince Sincerely and retails for between $23.00 for the roller ball and $57.00 for the 1.7 oz size.  It's supposed to smell like tuberose, cyclamen, and mandarin.  Leading me to believe I might like this perfume.  Nope.

Soap and Paper Factory
My next item was a hand lotion, which I enjoy getting, especially since winter is upon us and my skin starts getting thirsty.  This was from the Soap and Paper Factory and is the Green Tea scent.  The Soap and Paper Company is out of New York and doesn't contain parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.  They don't test on animals and try to make their stuff friendly to the world around us. Like reusable glass in their containers and recycled cardboard. You don't need much of this lotion to go the distance and it can be a little greasy but nothing too bad.  It is green tea, basil, and anise and is $18.00 for the full 2.3 oz product.

Next up was the Coastal Scents duo.  I picked the two colors from the Social Eyes palette which is part of the Style Eyes collection.  There is a pretty metallic grey that didn't turn blue on my skin, which is nice, although it seems to have quite a bit of fall out and the pigmentation seems decent.  The black has flecks of glitter and has okay pigmentation.  The palette is only $12.00 for eight shadows and I think it is probably the right price for the product.

Next up was the Kopari Coconut Sheer Oil and I really liked it.  Kopari uses coconut sourced from the Philippines, doesn't have parabens, silicones, sulfates.  It doesn't say anything about not testing on animals though, which may be a deciding factor in ordering a full size.  The full size is $38.00 for 1.7 oz.  It has a nice scent, not so much coconut though, which could be good or bad, depending on your thoughts on coconut scent.  It absorbs well and has enough coconut oil that it will solidify under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last up was the Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer in the color mink.  The brush is really good and doesn't clump up.  The mink color is good if you have pale lashes and want something subtle.  I would like this in black and would like to try it head to head (or eye to eye) against my Little Black Primer.  Which is really one of my most used items.  This is supposed to be water resistant and have B Vitamins to help condition your lashes.  It is $28.00 for .3 oz.

Overall, I think I got a pretty good box.  My favorites would be the sheer coconut oil, the lotion and the primer.  My least favorite item was the perfume.

Did you get a good box?

Let's see who wins this month, Birchbox or Ipsy?

* As per usual no one sends me stuff to review.  I paid in full for my own Birchbox and reviewed it without anyone asking me to.

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