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2016 October Ipsy First Look

By 5:29 PM

Sorry for the extended hiatus, work...well, my boss wasn't the most nifty person ever and totally sucked my joy de vivre.  But let's jump into it!  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription box.  You do earn points be reviewing the products and getting your friends to join, this is my referral code if you ever want to use it.  Theme this month was Black Magic.

How cute is this bag?
First of all, this bag was designed by Ilse Valfré.  She is a Mexican designer and her label is based out of LA California.  I've seen a video at Young & Reckless where she explains about her designs.  Her cat is so cute too.  I give her total props for adopting a black cat.  Some people think they are bad luck and don't adopt them :(  Either way she was a great choice for the bag designer and designed what has been one of my favorite bags.

The first item in the bag was the Noyah Lipstick.  One would have received either the Smoke color or Currant News.  I really liked both.  I was hoping for Smoke, which meant that I received Currant News.  It wasn't sad.  Noyah is a brand that makes it easy to get behind them.  They formulate with coconut oil, Shea Butter, vitamin e, they do not test on animals, they do not contain sulfates, phthalates, or parabens, and their packaging is bamboo, reducing their plastic use by 60%.  If that wasn't nice enough, when you purchase a product and tag them, they'll donate a lip balm to the homeless.  The color went on creamy, a little streaky but not bad.  It is very comfortable to wear.  I am happy to try this, the berry shade is perfect for autumn.  I may have to go buy that Smoke color though, it's very pretty.  The full size is .16 oz and is $18.00.

The next item was the Patchology Eye Revive Flash Patches.  I have received this in a box before, I hadn't tried it because I only received one and I was saving it.  For what, I don't know.  But this time I got two.  Thanks Ipsy!  It is supposed to contain caffeine and collagen.  It reduces puffiness, tiredness, and dryness.  The full size is 30 pairs for $50.00.  Which is like $1.67 each.  When I think about that, it does make it a lot more reasonable.  I may consider buying it if it works well.

Lastly, I received a Mememe Blush Brush.  It's very cute and while it's not super soft, it is pretty soft.  It isn't really fluffy or dense.  It's fairly basic.  Unfortunately, I didn't see this on their site, so this might have been a special for Ipsy release or something.  I did see people selling them for $4.49.  I will possibly keep this as a backup or for travel.  Or give to someone.

I had two more items, but unfortunately, they didn't make into my bag.  I'm actually happy with Ipsy right now, because hours after I emailed them, they emailed me back.  They sent back a polite apology and said they will be sending out my missing items.  I use my personal email address for all my bags, so they have no way of knowing I have a blog that half a dozen people world wide read ;)  I find you can often tell more about a company about how they treat you when things go wrong.  Right now, Ipsy is making me rethink the thought I had about cancelling Ipsy.

On the subject of Birchbox, my box was delivered somewhere on the 7th.  I have no clue where that somewhere was.  I have messaged them and we'll see how that goes.

I actually made my first YouTube video on this box.  Since there are so many box openings out there, I did mine featuring Ditsy Daisy.  It's me doing a fake ditsy voice, saying things I've heard people say.  We'll see how this goes.

* I purchase my own boxes with my very very broke bank.

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