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ColourPop Brills Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 3:24 PM

I've really been wanting to try a purple lipstick.  I've seen other people wearing it and it looks so cool!  I see Shaaanxo wearing it sometimes (is there a look she can't pull off)?  I wanted to get my feet wet, but I'm scared to take the purple plunge.

I decided that for my last color in my ColourPop order, I would try a purple but not a full on scary purple.  I chose ColourPop Brills Lippie Stix and Pencil.  I was a little apprehensive after my order.  Maybe I should have bought Fetch instead.  It was safer.

Wanted you to see the pop of color inside.
For $5.00 each, I knew that even if it wasn't my thing, I wouldn't hate myself.  I mean could you imagine buying a Tom Ford lipstick and hating it?  I hate returning things, but for $50.00, I so would!  One day...

Brills is a pretty lilac color to me.  I know other people call that lavender, but the lilacs that grew by the house where I grew up were that color.  When I see lavender, it's a darker color.

It has some pink in it, which tones down the color.
 I really loved the color in a swatch and was excited and nervous to try it.  How spring is that color?!

That's a birthmark.
I do really like this lipstick.  It's a great way to try purple without having a BAM! purple.  I will be wearing this frequently.  I think that this would be good on many skin tones.  I think this will lead me into the world of purple lip.

This is a satin finish that mattes down, it has a decent lasting time, is pigmented, and is comfortable to wear.

Bouquet for you!
As much as I adore ColourPop, I have had sooooo many posts on these lately and I'm sure people have had enough.  So, I will make sure that my next blogs won't be about ColourPop.  However, if you are on a budget and want to try a new lip color, I have found ColourPop to be a really great brand.  Not only is there a lot of quality, especially for the price point, but their customer service is great.

*ColourPop didn't fund my trip into the purple abyss.  I paid for this myself.

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