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ColourPop Dahlia Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 2:52 PM

When I saw Manny MUA's December favorites he was wearing this color on his lips that was so beautiful I wanted.  It's another ColourPop color, this time in Dahlia Lippie Stix and Pencil.  I know, you're probably sick of me and ColourPop.  I promise, I'll slow my roll on this shortly.

This is another collaboration color.  This time by Megan Naik.  It's matte, it's warm toned but not unwearable for me, and a pretty burgundy color.

I haven't mentioned yet, but ColourPop doesn't contain parabens or sulfates, so if you're trying to avoid those in your life, this is another reason to try ColourPop.  They do contain Vitamin E, mango, avocado, and shea butter.  Again, they do not test on animals and they are made in the US.

It looks scary, I know.  But the vampy colors have been rocking on YouTube fall and winter and this is right there for that.  It was there last year too, so maybe it'll be good next year.

All my swatches are taken in natural light.  Otherwise they look bad!
This color probably again, not going to be for everyone, but it's very pretty.  I will wear this through the winter, but this would be a shade that I retire in the spring and summer.

ColourPop did recently start shipping to Australia and New Zealand, autumn is right around the corner for you ladies, so you may be thinking this color for that!

Whoa over-lined much?
I'm moderately happy with this buy.  I wish I had started using ColourPop back in September, because this color would have been amazing in the autumn, but I'll just have to make the most out of what's left of the winter.

It's a long lasting color and does wear well, although does feel drying through out the day.  It has a more dry application on both the pencil and the lipstick.  It can be a little messy so if you're like me and a makeup lover not an artist, you may need to practice to get this on without looking weird.  It does feel a little more sticky than the other colors.  It really does need the pencil underneath, without the pencil the application was patchy.

If you want to try the vampy lip, this is a great color to experiment with for only $5.00 for the lipstick and $5.00 for the pencil.  It has the downside of being patchy and messy so that can be a slight turn off for this lip.

*I bought and paid for this myself.  ColourPop didn't think I needed to try their products for free.

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