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ColourPop Wet Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 2:57 PM

YouTube definitely influences my buying habits.  I thought I would be safe watching a foundation video.  I adore my foundation and primer and have no desire to change it up...for now lol.

I was wrong.  LustreLux is a recent subscription of mine.  I'm not sure how I didn't find her earlier. What can you do?  So, I was watching her updated foundation routine and the lip color she used was just so beautiful on her.  It was not a color I would have ever thought I would have wanted.

But I wanted!  I already wanted to try ColourPop.  So, I ordered Lumière and this from their website.

It had the same fun packaging as my last post.  It didn't have the label on the end of the package as the other one did, but it was going in the trash after photos, so it wasn't a big deal.  I did like the pop of color (teal) on the inside of the package though!

It is rather intimidating.  I have eye-shadows this color!  On my lips?  Could it possibly look okay on me, the average woman?  LustreLux is a very beautiful woman and they can usually get away with things that average people can not.

Again the swatching was seriously smooth and lovely.  I was very excited.  I love taupe eye-shadows and I knew the color would look good on my skin tone.  I was still nervous about the color on my lips though!

The Wet Pencil is a wonderfully pigmented taupe color.  It has a pearl finish.  It applies very creamy.  As with the other ColourPop pencils this is a whopping $5.00.

The Wet Lippie Stix is the same shade shade of pearlized taupe.  Both the pencil and the stix are cool toned.  It applied very creamy although a little, not quite patchy, but close.  The finish is lovely.  It is very comfortable to wear.  It lasts a decent amount of time, on par with MAC or Gerard Cosmetics.  It is also only $5.00.

I'm not going to lie.  I really also want to use these as an eye-shadow base.  The color is different for me, but I love it!  I think this is a great color to have for the season and in her video LustreLux said that this is a great dupe for the Rihanna Viva Glam shade, which runs $16.00.  I haven't tried the Rihanna shade, so I can't say straight up, but I like telling myself I saved $11.00.

ColourPop must also be listening to the reviews of their products, as they recently added swatches of the products online.  It used to be just the tubes of the product.  It can be hard to tell from just looking at the product if you'll like the color.  One thing I really really like about their swatches is that they included multiple skin tones with the color applied.  From the look of it applied on the arm of their model it appears as though dark skin could totally rock Wet.

You do need to make sure that your lips aren't dry as the pearl finish really draws attention to that.

You don't NEED the Lippie Stix and the pencil, but they definitely pair well together.  I am giving this a big YAY!  This isn't a must have for your lipstick collection.  It can be tough to wear.  But it is a fun color to try. I am totally joining the ColourPop bandwagon.

If you did buy this color and found that it was just too much I do have a solution.  Pair it with dusky rose lip pencil like the Lumière pencil from ColourPop and a pink gloss.  I used the Buttercream Lipgloss from Gerard Cosmetics.  Bam!  A nice cool toned pink that is easier to wear.

* My bandwagon joining did not come with free lippies.  I paid for these myself.

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