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December 2015 Ipsy First Look

By 1:35 AM

This month the theme for Ipsy was With <3 From Ipsy.  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription service.  You get points for referring friends.  However, the points system isn't that great.  Most things require 1000 points and if it's less than they're usually sold out.

Oooh red plastic.

They come with a bag, some bags are super cute, some like this one are eh.  I mean it's not like a 1980's couch or something, but for the holidays, I think I just expect some glammed out gorgeousness.

Crown Brush
I love getting brushes and I suppose if I didn't already have three brow brushes I would be happy to get this.  I think I could never have enough blending brushes, but brow brushes...I'm good.  This was the Crown Brush C413 and it sells for $3.28.  It's double ended with a thicker brush side for brows and a spoolie end for brows or lashes.

Clark's Botanicals
Next up was a mask and you know I love getting masks.  This was Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask.  It's something I'm pretty excited to try as I've been super sick and have dry areas around my nose right now.  Lovely, right?  It doesn't have much of a scent, but again, I've been sick lol.  They do not test on animals, it doesn't contain gluten, parabens, or sulfates.  The full size is 1.7 oz and is $72.00.  Well.  I hope I don't fall in love with this.  You can use it as a mask or moisturizer.

Then I got the Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick in Nudie Red.  As it is Pacifica, they don't test on animals and they use Vegan ingredients and made in the USA.  It's made with coconut oil.  The cool thing about this is that every one of these you buy, they donate another one to a woman in need. There have some very sad times in my life where even something small like a new lipstick would bring me a little confidence so that's pretty great.  You can purchase these at Target in the US and they are $9.49.  What would be cool is to buy some of these and donate to a women's shelter and double up on the giving :)  It's not really my color, a sheer peachy red.

Formula X
 This color is so pretty!  It's Formula X and it's in the color Revved Up.  It's a rose gold metallic and sells for $10.50 for the full size .4 oz bottle.  It is supposed to be 3 free (which means it does not contain formaldehyde, DBP, or toluene).  It does list that it contains formaldehyde in the ingredients, so I couldn't give it to my sister like I wanted to, as I already have it and she has a formaldehyde allergy.  It may be the case where they have the basic lists for ingredients and it's not accurate to what it actually contains, but I couldn't take the chance.  I really like her for some reason :)

I have totally busted into this cleanser and I love it.  It's the Befine Exfoliating Cleanser.  It is one of those sugar cleansers that foams up.  It's similar to the Suki cleanser that was $32.95 for 4 oz, although the Suki smelled like lemon sugar.  This one is $24.00 for 4 oz.  It has brown sugar, ginger extract, sweet almond oil, eucalyptus oil, orange oil, and oat protein.  It smells good, but not like bam perfume.  Again, I am getting over a cold so you might not want to fully trust my nose.  It has helped my blah sick skin look much better and it doesn't feel stripping or harsh.

Overall, I like this bag.  My favorites were the cleanser, the nail polish, and the mask.  I wasn't wild about the brush and the lipstick, although I did like the idea of it.

I am behind in my box game, but we were tied 4 to 4.  This one was very very close but I think Birchbox wins it due to the Benefit item and the coconut oil (I've been using that like crazy).  That brings us to Birchbox 5 and Ipsy 4.

* I pay for my own Ipsy.  No one sends me stuff to review, asks that I review them, or has stopped me from reviewing them yet.

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