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Makeup Geek Duo-chrome Shadow Phantom

By 10:13 PM

The latest creative play at Makeup Geek has been their duo-chrome eye-shadows.  They come in two forms, pan and loose pigment.  The Makeup Geek Duo-chrome eye-shadow that we're going to talk about today is in pan form and it's the color Phantom.

Makeup Geek
The 1.8 gram pan comes in a rose gold and black sleeve.  As usual, Makeup Geek is made in the USA and cruelty-free.  It is $6.00 and part of the permanent collection.

On the back is the ingredient list and proof that this color is indeed Phantom.  In case, it was doubted or something.  That is the back of the pan and it is useful for when you stick it in your Zpalette, so you remember what color you have.

Phantom in the pan looks like an off-white and pale lavender.  It definitely leans cooler toned.  It has decent pigmentation that is semi sheer on its own but the color is stronger with a base.

Swatch of Phantom
It can look a little pink in some lights and is a fun all over the lid or high light color.  It may be a little on the chalky side.  It is a good color for someone who wants a little something extra in their look but don't want a crazy color.  It lasts roughly 7 hours, depending on base used and your lids.  I didn't notice creasing.  I also didn't notice very much of a duo-chrome effect.  It just kinda looks like a pink/violet iridescent shade.

Over-all, it is a good value shade.  It's fun, pretty, and wearable for most people.  As it has purple tones it will look pretty with any eye colors.  I don't think it deserves a ton of hype, but it's a decent shadow.

* I bought my own Phantom.  It didn't come with music of the night.

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