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March 2016 Ipsy First Look

By 6:23 PM

Next up in the box/bag arrivals was Ipsy!  Ipsy is a $10.00 per month subscription service.  You get points for referring friends.  However, the points system hasn't been that great.  They do seem to be listening and I'm seeing more and more 250 and 500 point items, so that's pretty hopeful.

This month the theme for Ipsy was Hello Spring.  It think that's a lovely theme as I know I am definitely ready for Spring!  It appears as though there were three varieties of the colors and patterns, but heck, it could be that one dress all over again.

First up was the Temptu Warm Glow Bronzer.  Temptu is an airbrush makeup company.  It has been used in films like Tattoo, on Mystique in X-Men, The Stepford Wives, it was used in Lady Gaga's Born This Way video, and much more.

It does blend out well, but it is too much for my skin in this liquid form and did go a little orange.  It might be better with an airbrush application,  If I could afford it, I would love to try airbrush make up, however, it won't be in my budget anytime soon.

This color screams spring, in an almost offensively pink way.  It's the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust.  It is opaque and very pigmented.  It seems we received the full size of  the product which sells for $7.00.  It is comfortable but the formula is odd.  It remains sticky for a while.  It doesn't last very long, about four hours and may benefit from a lip liner to prolong its longevity.  A little powder may help it set faster.  I think the price is fair for the quality of these.

Beau Gâchis
These bags are starting to fill up my eye brush collection.  I'm not complaining even a little.  I have received a brush from this brand before and it was comparable to the MAC 217.  This one is the Beau Gâchis Eyeshadow Brush and is good for patting color onto the entire lids and sells for a fairly reasonable $12.00.  Beau Gâchis is a family owned business.

Marc Anthony
This next item has a bit of a novel for a name.  So, here we go!  It's the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream, whew.  It sells for $8.99 for a full size 200 ml bottle.  Right now Ulta is having a sale on it. It has a slight herbal scent and seems to work best with just blow drying and not adding a flat iron.  This will be nice to try.


I have been thinking about trying the Benefit Give Me Brow as I have rather fine eyebrows.  I have always wanted something to make them appear fuller.  When I saw that I was getting this, I was interested in trying it.  This is the Essence Make Me Brow (gee that name is familiar) and sells for $2.99 for .13 oz.  I received it in the color Brownie Brows, which is a nice brown shade without too much warmth, which made it entirely wearable.  It has little fibers that seem to help fill in my brows.

It was a decent bag, I really liked the brow product and the brush.  I'm not happy with the bronzer, I hate that I keep getting them, even if I keep saying I don't like them in my bags.  The lip product was a little iffy.

I think that Birchbox gets the win this month, making it 7 to 5.

 * I purchase my own bags/brushes, no one sends me them out of the goodness of their hearts.

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