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ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip The Rabbit Review

By 10:08 PM

When I saw that ColourPop was coming out with a new formula I was a little excited.  Then I watched the videos and went bonkers.  Some really good videos to whet your lippetite are: ThatgirlShaeXO, mesijesibeauty, and Ivy Dear.

As with the Ultra Matte Lips, the Lippies are $6.00 each.  There is 3.2 grams of product.  It is made in the USA, not tested on animals, and this particular color is listed as vegan.

ColourPop's Ultra Satin Lip The Rabbit is a stunning shade of fuchsia with a cool sheen of blue.  The formula is opaque and although it dries down to a velvety almost matte texture, it is transferable.  It is made to be more comfortable than previous incarnations.

It has a doe foot applicator that you can use to apply it with.  For a more precise and controlled application, you can always use a lip brush.  Although the applicator it comes with has worked fine for my normal application.

The Rabbit
The color of this is freaking gorgeous.  You may not be able to see the blue sheen in my swatches but it really comes across in the video by ThatgirlShaeXO.  It is creamy and the amount of transfer isn't so bad that you're going to find it on your teeth or half way down your face.

It doesn't sink into your lip lines and remains comfortable through the day.  It is fairly long lasting.  After about four or five hours you may need a touch up.  You can reapply without it going gunky.  When it fades it leaves behind some lip staining which is actually nice.  After 12 hours with no reapplication and no liner, it was mostly faded but the staining left it looking okay, even though it was nearly gone in the inside of the mouth.

I liked that it came off with normal washing at that point.  They do recommend you use lip liners I ♥ This or Ellarie.  This would be best to minimize feathering and help it last longer.

I really like this formula and want to buy more of them, so you will probably see more!

* Colourpop did not send me one of those nifty full set kits.  I had to chase the rabbit down the hole and buy my own.

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