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ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Sleigh Review

By 10:10 PM

 I have a certain love of green eye shadows.  When ColourPop discontinued Chipper, I was actually sad.  I gaped at the email I received about the products they were discontinuing and my lips dropped into an unfamiliar shape.  I think it's called a frown.

As it's the holidays, I went to ColourPop to get a few gifts on my list.  As you can tell from my Small Haul, I did a little shopping for me too.  I'm a very bad person.  When I saw the description for ColourPop's Super Shock Shadow Sleigh, I totally wanted it.  It had previously been released in the Not a Box of Chocolates Holiday Collection, which I think was released in 2014.

I was hoping this silvery sage green with multicolored glitter in a metallic finish, would help me move on from Chipper.  As usual, the Super Shock Shadow is 2.1 grams of product is $5.00.  It is  made in the USA, not tested on animals,  is vegan, and gluten free.  They ship everywhere except: China, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of the Ukraine, Sudan and Syria.

Unlike the usual pots, the holiday ones are in black pots, which I really like!  As usual, the formula of the ColorPop shadows is unusual.  They are sort of a solid cushy mousse texture.

The swatch and initial application is quite pigmented.  I did notice that as rumor had it, unlike the other ColourPop shadows I've tried, this one actually had quite a bit of fall out.  It was really pretty though.  So, I cleaned up under my eyes, blinked away the chunks that some how landed in my eyes and went on with my day.

A couple hours later, when I looked in the mirror I was very surprised to find more fall out and that my Sleigh had flown right off my eyes.  Only a small amount of glitter clung to my lids, like my hopes and dreams for a Chipper replacement.

So, I cleaned up my eyes and since I was home, I redid my eye makeup.  On one eye, I used a glitter glue.  Yeah.  I used a glitter glue with a ColourPop shadow.  On the other eye I used a cream shadow pencil under Sleigh.

Both of these prolonged the wear, but I was still pretty disappointed in this shade.  I haven't been so disappointed since Bae.  I don't think I even did a review on that one I was so disappointed.  This is a pretty color, but it has a lot of fall out and it doesn't last as long as many of their other shadows.  I would not repurchase this.

If you want to spend the time to make it stay, you may like this.  But if what you like about Colourpop shadows is a quick look that requires your fingertips, you will not be happy with this at all.  Not to mention the shocking amount of fall out.  I looked like my under eyes had ran though a glitter fight.

* I got on my own high horse to take a ride on this Sleigh.  I paid for it myself.

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