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ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Tinsel Review

By 9:56 PM

I could live my life in a glitter bomb.  ColourPop's Super Shock Shadow in Tinsel sounded like a Christmas party on my lids and I was all in.  I did get it as part of the Sweet Set, which had Koosh and Wink as well.  I bought the Sweet Set at $16.00 but it is on sale for $13.00 right now.  All of the products were full size.

Sweet Set
To be honest, I really mostly wanted Koosh and since this looked interesting, I thought, why not get the set?

It is $5.00 for a full size 2.1 gram container of the product.  It has a cream and powder wonderfully weird formula that just seems to work for them.  They do not test on animals and they are made in the USA.  Most of the products are vegan.  This one is a vegan product.

They ship everywhere except: China, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of the Ukraine, Sudan and Syria.

This is the Holiday 2016 packaging and I adore it.  I really like the black, but maybe I just like it because it's different.  Tinsel is supposed to be an icy smokey lavender in the metallic finish.  I honestly can't really tell the difference between the pearlized and the metallic finishes.  They are both fun.  I do get a ruddy hint of warmth in this shadow that takes it from the average cool greyed lavender.  I think that hint lends it to being more flattering on every skin tone.

This was previously released in the Not a Box of Chocolates set.

Part of the magic of ColourPop is that especially with the pearl and metallic finishes, you can just tap the color on with your finger and run out the door and look like you made some sort of effort.  Especially if you brush on a transition color, crease, maybe a little deep color at the outer V.  Suddenly you look like you spent more time than you actually did.

Tinsel has good pigment and actually shows up with some color on your lids with the glitter. The glitter was on the chunkier side, which I like/dislike depending on my mood and look I'm going with.   However, much like Sleigh, I was about to find a down side I don't usually find with ColourPop shadows.  I had a ton of fall out.  Not at first, at first there was only a little.  I had read that people were experiencing fall out and I thought, "Well, this isn't so bad, I can live with this."

Silly, silly me.  I thought that was the fall out others had mentioned.  At the end of the day I had about half the glitter under my eyes.  Unlike Sleigh, there was still pigment left on my lids.  So, that was good.

Left to Right: Tinsel and Cricket
If you watched my Small Haul (you probably didn't, it's okay), I mentioned that people are saying that Tinsel was very similar to Cricket.  That's very true.  In the container they look almost identical.

Left to Right: Cricket and Tinsel
When you swatch them, it's easy to tell that Cricket lives in the land of sugared violets and Tinsel is lighter with more of a rosy tone.

I think Tinsel is a lovely color and if the fall out was just at the beginning, I would probably like this a lot more.  Perhaps a glitter glue would solve my issue, but this is ColourPop.  This is my quick look makeup.  If I want to use glitter glue, I'd use the Moondust palette or something.

 I like having it, but I probably wouldn't purchase it again.  If you are really into this beautiful color and don't mind glitter fall out or are willing to put in the work, you might really like this.  If those are things you don't want to do, you probably shouldn't bother with this.

* I got with tinseled with my own small pay check.

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