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ColourPop Chipper Super Shock Shadow

By 3:02 PM

I saved my favorite in the bunch for last.  I truly wasn't expecting to love this quite as much as I do, but love it I do.  It's the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Chipper.  It is $5.00 for .21 g pot of green gorgeousness.

Minty goodness
Chipper is a beautiful sea foam color in a pearlized finish.  CoffeeBreakwithDani uses it in a collaboration video.  Nelly Toldeo uses it in this St. Patrick's day video.  BabsBeauty uses it in this mermaid look.


I couldn't honestly tell you what the difference in the finish in this one and say, I Heart This, which is metallic.  They're both very sparkly.

Swatch of Chipper

It is so beautifully pigmented.  It has that same creamy consistency that requires you to keep those containers on lock down.  It lasts all day.  It has very little fall out and does not need a damp brush, eye drops, or any of the other fun techniques one uses to bring out the pigment and sheen of a shadow.

 If you watched the videos above, you'll see how pretty it looks on brown and blue eyes.  But if you have green eyes, do not stop, do not pass go, just go buy it.  It does something for green eyes.  It lights mine up and really brings out the green.  From the videos I've seen this looks great on all skin tones.

As with the other pearlized or metallic finishes, this is very easy to apply with your fingers or a synthetic brush.  It is just...sorry went into a mint coma over here.  I just love this color, it's so perfect for spring or summer.

I will be buying more Super Shock Shadows, I have a slight addiction, but please let me know if you have other ideas of things for me to try!

* I got Chipper the usual way.  I bought and paid for it and waited what felt like forever for it to ship lol.

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