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ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Wink Review

By 11:00 PM

To be honest, I didn't really give much thought to this lip.  I really wanted Koosh and Tinsel sounded fun, and tis the season for a plum, so I went with the Sweet Set.  When I bought it, it was $16.00, but right now it is on sale for $13.00.  All the products are full size.

Sweet Set
Wink is made in the USA, not tested on animals, vegan, and gluten free.  ColourPop ships everywhere except: China, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Crimean region of the Ukraine, Sudan and Syria.

ColourPop is well known for the low price of its products.  Wink is only $6.00 for 3.2 grams of liquid lipstick.

Ultra Satin Lip
This packaging is the Holiday 2016 packaging and I'm a fan.  I like the black lid and border and the frosted tube.  I'm hoping the black lettering lasts longer than the usual holographic lettering, but I won't cry myself into a puddle if it doesn't.

The lip brush is a small doe foot that is good for application, but a lip brush would probably be better.   I mentioned in my Small Haul that I didn't know what this smelled like because I couldn't smell stuff.  My cold is almost gone and this smells like a typical liquid lipstick with a slight chemical scent.

Wink appears darker than it does in the swatches given on the ColourPop website.  It is supposed to be a "deep pinky plum" and that does feel quite apt.  It has berry tone aspirations.  It is a lovely color for the season and I was very happy that I had gotten it.

When I test the liquid lipsticks, I usually don't apply liner because I want to feel the lipstick on its own.  The formula is a little streaky, but not like Dahlia bad.  It easily layers and can build to a deeper shade.  It applies like a creamy mousse.

After about six hours that had included eating, this definitely looked worn and had faded in patches.  I applied a lip balm over it and it looked pretty good, except for the slight feathering that had happened at the edges.

Normally, the Ultra Satin Lip formula is a favorite of mine because it is usually very comfortable and while it does transfer, it lasts long and doesn't end up on my teeth.  This was slightly more drying than the other Ultra Satin lips I have.

The good is that this color is very pretty, can be built up, and can be revived easily.  It would benefit from a lip liner as that would solve some of the streak issues and the feathering.  It would probably prolong the wear as well.  The down side is that it isn't as comfortable as the usual Ultra Satin lips, but by no means as drying as the Ultra Matte Lip.

I would probably buy this shade again, but I don't really see that happening for a while.

* I winked myself into this purchase with my own paycheck.  I won't say hard earned this time because I actually kinda like my job lol.

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