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Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review

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My idea of Heaven involves glittery unicorns and kittens doing insanely adorable things.  I have three cats and I've never met a unicorn (I'm still crossing my fingers on that), so glitter is one of my weaknesses.  I may have been a disco ball in a past life.

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So, when I saw that Urban Decay was releasing the Moondust palette, my inner survivor instinct kicked in.  You know, the one where they say that the reason humans like sparkly things is because water in the distance sparkled and it's how we survived back in the day of caves and fire bad.  Again, I can talk myself into anything.  My conversation was quite simple, "Shiny!"

Urban Decay
Oh yeah.  Are you experiencing this nebulatastic star packaging?  It's gorgeous.  The Urban Decay Moondust Palette is $49.00 for eight 0.7 g shadows.  It was made in Canada and is made without phthlalates, parabens, and sulfates.

The back of the package alludes to the shadows within and has a moon rock appearance.

Mmmm.  I love this packaging.  It is glittery but not in a way that everything you own will be covered in its glittery fun time. It's set into it, but you can feel the gritty texture. The brand is in raised lettering and the product name is in relief with a mirrored base.  So, while I waiting for this, ReadySetGlamour did this Metallic Blue look that made me itch for this even more!  I swear, that woman could slather mashed potatoes and relish (eww on the combo) on her face and make it gorgeous.  Maybe it's because she's that pretty.  I dunno.

The back of the package is pretty basic.

Queue the dramatic music.  Do you see the bright, glittery fun?  I am way too excited about this whole thing.  But I looooooooove glitter.  I will be 80 and rocking a freaking Christmas ornament of sparkly goodness on my eyeballs.  I like that the color names are printed on the package by the actual color.  For some reason it slightly annoys me when companies don't do that, especially if they're expensive.

Left side quad
Let's work from the left and made a little quad.  Because it's easy to take a picture of the palette that way.

Specter is a semi sheer warm pale pink glitter with golden tones.  It is the least pigmented of the shades.  The texture is soft and creamy, especially for what is essentially a pressed glitter.

Element is warm reddish orange glitter.  This one surprised me with how much I love it.  It makes my green eyes pop.  It has a creamy texture but you can feel some of the grittiness of the finely milled glitter.  It has good pigment.

Granite is a glittery tungsten color that has silver glitter flecks.  It has good pigmentation and similar texture to Element.  Doing a blackout smokey eye with this in the center is...well it's pretty awesome.

Lithium is a glittery bronzed brown with multicolored glitter.  It has good pigmentation and a slightly more chunky texture than the previous three.

Right side quad

So this is the right side quad.  It has a little more of the unusual shadows.

Magnetic is a slightly sheer medium purple with blue and pink micro glitter.  This is the second least pigmented shade and the one I had been most excited about.  I had imagined slathering myself in purple glitter and riding my unicorn into a sunset under a rainbow or something.  Because of that, I was disappointed this didn't pack the punch I had wanted.

Lightyear is a semi opaque glittery grass green with silver and blue/green glitter (I think).  The texture on this one is closesest to Lithium.  The glitter on this can look a little flat if too much is packed on but it does sit well on the skin.

Vega is a semi sheer glittery sapphire blue.  It has the most patchy application of the shadows and may need to be applied in layers to achieve a good opacity.  The texture is creamy with a faint feel of some fine grit.

Galaxy is an opaque deep pewter with gold and green glitter.  This probably has the most pigmentation of any of the pressed glitters and has a creamy texture.  This is my other favorite glitter of the bunch and is wonderful when used in a black smokey eye.

With these you really have to think of them as a pressed glitter and not as an eyeshadow.  If you think of these as an eyeshadow you will feel that they aren't as pigmented as you want and you will be bemoan the fallout.  They are glitters, there will be fallout.  Especially if you apply them dry with a brush.

My happy place
If you apply them with a damp brush there will be less fall out.  The way I like to apply them the best is to do my transition colors, my crease colors, pat in a little Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue (just a tiny, tiny bit), and then with my finger, press in the Moondust glitter of my dreams.  It is actually a pretty quick makeup look when I do it that way.  It also lasts 8 or more hours.

If you don't like glitter, don't bother with this.  You will definitely hate it.  If you are mostly into neutral, this probably won't be for you.  It won't be for everyone, but I do really like this.  You shouldn't skip out on groceries to have this, it's not a necessity.  But if you love glitter, it is something fun to have.  If you don't use a primer or glitter glue, the glitter won't last long.  It may be best to apply your eye makeup first, so you don't have a mess with fall out.

Halloween 2016
It's hard to see, but I did use Element on my eyes and lips for being The Morrigan (I seem to like costumes I have to explain) on Halloween.  My roommate, Taylor, was the Joker.  I enjoy playing with this palette.

* I took myself to the moon with this palette and bought it myself.

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