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ColourPop Juice Bar Lippie Stix

By 11:07 AM

When ColourPop came out with the sheer line, I was "meh" about the whole idea.  But I had to try it,  I write a blog, so some sacrifices must be made ;)

No matching pencil 
Like the other lippies, ColourPop Lippie Stix Juice Bar is made in the US, vegan, gluten free, and not tested on animals.  It's $5.00 for 1 g of product.  It has the usual light vanilla scent.

Juice Bar
It comes in a simple white tube with a tip that has been designed to keep its shape.

 It's a cool toned berry pink color and it just looks juicy on the lips.  As a sheer formula, it doesn't have the pigmentation of some of the other colors, however it does have decent pigmentation.

Wash of color
It has a light, comfortable feel on the lips.  It feels moisturizing without being sticky.  It has coconut oil and vitamin e.  While it is moisturizing, it isn't highly moisturizing.  It isn't going to last as long as a matte or satin, but for what it is, it lasts about four hours.

It has a light shine and Juice Bar has a slight patchy application. It does work well for those days you don't want a strong lip and you just want something easy and pretty.  It's not perfect, but it has made me willing to try more colors.

* I got juicy all by myself.  No one offered me this with free candy or anything.

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