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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop

By 3:59 PM

After trying Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone I had blah-ish feelings about it.  It wasn't anything I was overly impressed by.  Which was quite sad as it was $38.00.  I have barely used any of it since that review and my opinion hasn't changed, even though Nikkietutorials loves the stuff.

When I saw that Jaclyn Hill was collaborating with Becca to create her own shade, I had mixed feelings about it.  Some of the Jaclyn Hill collaborations I've tried have been pretty much hype.  I decided to take the plunge anyways.  I'm a forgiving sort of woman.

Champagne Pop comes in a gold box with what looks like drops of water.  It's actually quite lovely.

Back of the Box
The back of the box is also gold with the water drops and Jaclyn's picture with a description of Champagne Pop.

It has a clear plastic shield over the product
Champagne Pop is .28 oz for $38.00.  At this time, it's considered Limited Edition.  The site lists it as "soft white gold w/ pinky peach undertones."  The former jeweler in me takes exception the the white gold part.  If it were white gold it would be white or silver.  Gold is alloyed with nickel to achieve the white gold color.  So, I think perhaps soft gold would be a better term, okay back on subject now that I have had my little tangent.

It has the same packaging as the other Shimmering Skin Perfector shades.  Hopefully that means they are considering removing the Limited Edition status in the future.

It is a very fine powder with a lovely shimmer.  It creates a peachy glow.  I was concerned that this would be too much for my skin, perhaps turning orange, however with a fluffy brush and a light application, on my fair skin it is a beautiful highlight.  Darker skin tones would be able to handle a more dramatic application.

Heavy swatch
If you like a subtle high light, this wouldn't be for you.  This is a punch in the face, hello strobing, high light.  It can work on fair skin if you're not over zealous in your application.  If you are lighter than me, it probably wouldn't work on you.  I might not be able to wear it in the winter.  Doesn't mean I won't try.  This will be much better on darker skin though and I can see why this is so popular right now.

Overall, I was impressed.  It makes my skin glow and provides a touch of warmth that really looks wonderful in the summer.  I like this just as much as my Ofra one that I was wearing every day before this.

* I popped my own Champagne Pop.  I paid for it using the logic that it was almost my birthday and I should have presents.

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