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ColourPop Clueless Ultra Matte Lip

By 10:34 AM

By now I think my love of Colourpop is pretty obvious.  I have issues and may need to be stopped.  When Colourpop came out with the Ultra Matte Lips, I was ambivalent.  They had such great matte lip products already, could they possibly improve their magic?

Ultra Matte Lip
The Ultra Matte Lips are more like a liquid lipstick rather than the usual formula.  I decided to give ColourPop Clueless Ultra Matte Lip a try because who doesn't need another dusty mauve rose in their lip life?

The container feels sturdy and is a clear plastic.  It has a silver lid and trim.  The printing is the holographic print you see on the boxes.  It contains 3.2 g of product for $6.00, which is about half of what I normally pay for a liquid lipstick.  Which is on par with the usual low price point of Colourpop.

Doe foot close up
It has a hard doe foot applicator.  It is rather on the small side, which makes application quite easy.  It doesn't have a strong scent, but the scent isn't the normal vanilla.  It has a chemical scent.

 Like most of the Colourpop products, this is Vegan, not tested on animals, made in the US, and is gluten free.

Dusty mauve rose swatch
I did find the color description to be quite apt.  It would be very flattering on a medium toned warm skin.  But even on me, it's really pretty.  It's a nice neutral that will play well with some of the more dramatic fall eye looks I plan to play with.

It has a powdery finish and should be applied in a thin layer.  If you apply it thickly it may ball up.  If applied thinly it's also much more comfortable.  When applied in a thicker layer it will be more drying.  It is very long lasting.  As with other liquid lipsticks, you should make sure that your lips are in good condition, exfoliated, moisturized, and clean before applying this.

Overall, I do like this formula and I love this color.  I'm so sad that it's limited edition.  Colourpop just removed the Fern lippie and the Chipper Super Shock Shadow.  I love those two so, I'm pretty sad.  I'm thinking I need to buy more Toosti and Westie, because they're my lipstick friends.

* I got Clueless all by myself, although some might say that's a natural state ;)

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