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September 2015 Boxycharm First Look

By 12:35 AM

As always this is an exciting time of the month.  I mean who doesn't love a big box of presents every month?  Boxycharm is one of the more exciting boxes.  For $21.00 a month you get four to five full size products.

The new box look
The boxes come with a card that shows the theme, (this month was Runway Ready) it shows the items you will receive, and the prices for the items.

Also included, pink paper worms
There is also a charm thing as rewards, but I have no idea how it works.  I also have to say that their customer service is swift and helpful.  I was double charged this month and they issued my a refund and were quick about it.  So, yay for that!

Coming up to Scratch
My first item were Scratch nail wraps.  The style I received was "Lacework," but I think that's what everyone else received too.  They are $12.00, for 16 wraps.  Which isn't too bad.  It does say to use within one month of opening.

Next up was a brush.  One of my favorite things to find in a box.  Granted, this isn't my favorite type of brush, I love the flat top kabuki if you were taking notes or something :)  I am still happy to have it for the time where I might need it.  It is the Vasanti Professional Foundation Brush.  This is a full size brush and is valued at $32.00.  It has a lovely pewter handle and silver ferrule.  It feels nice but still light weight.  The bristles are dense and quite soft but not super soft if you know what I mean.

I also received the Chella eyebrow defining gel.  This was also full sized and is $18.00.  It is clear, which is nice.  It is .21 oz.  It doesn't have any scent and it isn't supposed to leave any weird residue.

I was very excited when I saw in the sneak peaks that there would be a Tarte smolderEyes waterproof eyeliner.  Some got the thin one and others got the thicker one like I did.  It also said various colors.  I received the color, Fig, which I adore.  It's a great shade for autumn.  It's $22.00 for the full size, which this, of course, was.  It does last a long time and it has been living in my makeup bag since I got it.  I wonder what other shades people received?

The last regular item in my box was a full 2 oz Previse Skincare HydroMilk Hydrating Lotion, which is $48.00.  It has a spa-ish scent (yes, I made that word up, but I don't think I'm the first to make it up.  So no bonus points for me). It has antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.  My skin has been liking it.  For $48.00, I hope my skin doesn't fall in love with it.

At a value of $132.00 for $21.00 dollars, I think my return on investment was there for this box.  To add a little icing on the cake, they included a bonus item.

Kardashian Beauty
The bonus item was a sample size of the Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil.  The full size is $16.49 for 3.0 oz.  It's supposed to be nourishing and make your hair shiny and smooth.  It was a nice bonus to receive.

* I pay for my boxes myself.  No one thought I should be Runway Ready for free.

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