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Ciaté London Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Eye Palette

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I know that I've mentioned that Birchbox has a great points system.  You get 10 points for a review and 50 for a referral.  I rack up points in reviews.  I haven't had any referrals and yet I can build up some points.  Your points expire in 365 days.  Because of that I was able to use 400 of my points to purchase the Ciaté Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Eye Palette which sells for $39.00.  I also browsed their bonus shop and picked up a little something that I'll show at the end.

Ciaté is an English brand.  They are most known for their nail polishes.  The palette was made in Italy.

The box was black with an eel skin texture and lettering in gold.  It has Olivia's signature.  I had no idea who Olivia Palermo was and had to look her up.

The back of the box is the only place that lists the color names.  Once you throw that away, you will no longer know what the colors are.  I like to know the color names, so this would be a down side.  If you could care less, this shouldn't bother you.

The package is slim and many people were surprised by the small size.  Like the box it has gold lettering and a black eel skin like body.

The back gives some information on the product.  It also has Olivia's signature, because that was more important than the color names I guess.

 Top From Left to Right: Shaken, Verde, Whoopie Pie
Center: Butler
Bottom From Left to Right: Prosecco, Cocoa, Macchiato, Plumberry
While the size was a surprise to many, keep in mind there is .42 ounces or product here and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette has .33 oz.  The nine shadows are quite large.  The small size means that it is good for travel.  They do look like they have a suede texture and just looking at it, it is a pretty palette.

 Shaken is a warm shimmering gold.  It has decent pigmentation and okay lasting power.

Verde is a muddy olive pearl.  It has decent pigmentation, okay lasting power and can blend muddy.  I was disappointed because this color was most of the reason I bought the palette.

Whoopie Pie is a matte mauve soft brown.  It has weak pigmentation and is powdery.

Glazed is a pearly bronze shade.  This has some of the better pigmentation of the palette.

Butler is a matte bone shade.  It has weak pigmentation and can be a little powdery.

Prosecco is a frosted champagne color.  It has okay pigmentation and can have some fall out.

Cocoa is a shimmering mid toned brown.  It has decent pigmentation.

Macchiato is a matte mink brown.  It has decent pigmentation and can blend a little patchy.

Plumberry is a matte mauve shade with decent pigmentation.  Not quite aubergine.

This palette was unfortunately a little disappointing to me.  I like good pigmentation and I really loved the idea of this palette.  You have to pack on the shadows to build up the color. It doesn't have a ton of fall out, which is good.  It would be good for those who prefer a more sheer application and some very basic colors.  Maybe for a not so obvious application of colors.  I don't hate it, but I have things that are much better.

It has a good range of shades for autumn.  But I really didn't think it was worth $39.00 and if I had purchased it at Sephora, I might be tempted to return it.  I hate returning things after doing customer service, so that says something.

Since I used my points at Birchbox, there was the option of picking something from the Bonus Shop.  I picked these cute opal type stone ear jackets.

* I used my points to purchase this.  No one sent me this for giggles.

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