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Jouer Mermaid Collection Long Wear Lip Creme Unicorn

By 9:24 PM

I know you didn't think that the only thing I purchased from the Jouer Mermaid Collection was their eyeshadow palette.  Oh no.  Not when there were lip products to be had!

Mermaid Collection
First of all, the packaging is lovely.

The Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme in Unicorn is paraben free.  It's $18.00 for the full size.

When I first saw this color, I was a little intimidated by the matte bright lavender.  I thought it may be a little out of my league.

Then I swatched it and could feel that little melty feeling you get when you know you like a color.  It is very pretty and it is very spring and summer.

It isn't fully opaque but it is very creamy and comfortable.  it doesn't last as long as some of the other liquid lipsticks I have, I'd say about 5 hours.  But it is so pretty and a lot more wearable than I initially thought.  It can bring out the yellow in teeth, so make sure your pearly whites are blinding.

It doesn't appear to be on the Jouer site any longer, but it is on the Frends Beauty site and you might get a little broke woman happy surprise if you create an account and order from them.  It is also still available on Cult Beauty for £14.00.  If you like it, get it fast.

* I purchased my own Unicorn and didn't get the horn.

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