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Jouer Mermaid Collection Long-wear Lip Crème Fairy Review

By 7:57 PM

When I saw this, I wanted it so bad.  But when I went to buy it, it was totally sold out on the Jouer site.  I sad faced at the computer and went to Instagram to see when they would bring it back.  Then they told me about Frends Beauty.  I was there in seconds.  My credit card flexed its digital muscles (they're really tiny) and I was being sent boxes of lip gorgeousness.

Jouer was founded by Christina Zilber.  She feels that beauty should be "classic and effortless."  The brand actually has cool toned shades, so there will be more reviews on this brand in the future.  They are supposed to be enriched with Vitamin E.  The full size is  5.9 ml (rather on the small side) and sell for $18.00.  They are made in the USA.

The packaging is lovely.  It is holographic but not in an 80's revival sort of way.

The back of the package.  In case you doubted it was a long wear lip crème or that it was paraben free.

This color was descibed as a metallic cool pink.  According to people who know about these things, metallic is "In" for the summer.  I have no idea, I was just excited that someone cared about cool toned skin.

The tip is a doe foot applicator that does apply the color quite well.  It can be a little uneven when applying so you may have to work with it a little but the formula definitely allows you to so so.

As you can see this is a pretty pink that Barbie would probably rock.  I'm not sure if it's metallic or hyper frosted.  Maybe that's all metallic is in lip products.

 On  the lips, the Barbie factor is turned down and it's just a really pretty pink.  It goes on creamy and has a cake batter sort of scent.  It isn't super strong and does fade quickly.  The lip crème will dry down eventually, but it remains comfortable all day.  It may be metallic, but not in a way that makes you think the person wearing the color should be out clubbing.  It can work for day.  I have been wearing it a lot in the day.  I have been looking for this shade of pink, perhaps not the metallic formula, but I do like it.  It doesn't have a gritty texture.

It lasts about six hours and lasts fairly well through eating and drinking.  Overall, I really do like this color.  I am so sad that this is Limited Edition.  You can't get it on the Jouer website.  You can still get it at Frends Beauty (a little price break on this on joining the site), Dermstore, and Cult Beauty for £14.00.  From the Mermaid Collection I also purchased: the eyeshadow palette, Unicorn, and Skinny Dip.

Overall, I like this lip.  I think $18.00 is a little pricey, but you know I like paying $6.00 for my liquid lipsticks.  It is a different enough color that it is worth buying if this is what you're into.

*I purchased this lipstick with my own tiny paycheck.  No fairy popped out from under a mushroom and smacked me with this lovely lip color.

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  1. I just discovered this review (and your blog) while searching how to buy this beautiful lippie... and I just wanna say, I absolutely love the way you write!! You are very clever and you described the product nicely.

    1. Thank you so much, that was really sweet and means a lot.