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Makeup Geek Blush XOXO

By 8:31 PM

Sorry I have been slacking my friends, my day job has kept me super busy this spring.  There was also vacation to Glenwood Springs, which maybe I'll post a little about.  It didn't help me do my monthly boxes.  I promise to do them this month.  Boxycharm has done a good job, while Ipsy and Birchbox are on my meh list.  Boxycharm even let me try the new Makeup Geek blush.  I know, you didn't see 459,568 unboxing videos and were not aware of that.

I own some Makeup Geek blushes and while I like them, I haven't had my skirt blown up over them.  Maybe I should wear more white leg syndrome.  It could be dangerous. People could be blinded and walk into walls or traffic. Anyways!  I was interested in the idea, but I wasn't doing back flips (another awkward thing about wearing skirts).

In her blush collection there are new colors and she reformulated her old ones. Some of the reformulated colors are slightly different and some of her popular blushes went to the chopping block.

She also arranged them by recommended skin tone.  It isn't to say you can't wear one out of your skin tone, you may just have to go light or total ham.

Instead of receiving the pan  XOXO blush, which sells for $10.00 and would have been pretty cool, they gave us the one in the compact.  They gave us the Makeup Geek XOXO Blush in the compact that sells for $15.00 and is .15 oz.

Makeup Geek is a company I like in that they don't test on animals, they are talc and paraben free, they are made in the US, and they ship world wide.

I should have made you brace yourself before serving that package on you.  I'm a terrible person.  It is a lovely darkened rose gold with a magnetic closure.  It will show your prints, but they do make things you can wipe those off with.  Rumor on the street anyways.  It feels sturdy and not in anyway cheap.  The Makeup Geek logo is stamped into the top of the compact.

The bottom is the same, with the little sticker to remind you which color this is.

As you can see, this is a good size and won't give you that moment when you can't fit your brush into the pan and are left wondering at the thought process of makeup creation.

The site calls it a watermelon pink but I find it to have some peach tones and leans warm. This is a wearable warm.  It was made for those with medium skin, but with a light hand, it can work for someone with skin as pale as mine.

It is finely milled and quite pigmented.  This can be tough when applying it to skin as pale as mine because it can get a little patchy.  In that case, just blend.  It will blend out and if it has troubles, you can always use a little powder or the brush you used to apply the powder.

I like the packaging.  The color is great for summer.  It has good pigmentation.  On pale skin, it may be patchy and little tough to blend out because it is so pigmented.  Or maybe it's patchy on everyone and I'm being too generous?

Overall while it makes me want to try the new blushes, but I'm not drawn to any of the colors.  The down side to the collection is there are a lot of warm tones and cool tones really get a miss.  The good side is she really thought in terms of skin color and super pale and dark skin tones didn't get forgotten about.

I just hope it's just my pale bringing on the splotch factor!

* I received this item in my Birchbox.  I pay the monthly subscription fee.

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