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June 2016 Birchbox First Look

By 7:42 PM

Birchbox came first this month again, so we'll start with Birchbox.  It's a $10.00 a month subscription box.  I love their points system.  You can refer friends for 50 points and if you ever want to use my link it's here.  Unfortunately, it looks like they are changing the points system.  You'll earn points for your first five reviews, your points will expire after 6 months, but you'll still earn points for your purchases, inviting friends, and sending boxes.  You will also be able to use your points in increments before the 100 pts.  These changes go into effect July 11th.

The sample choices were much better this month.  It was the benefit Brow thing, you got to choose your shade.  Rumor has it next month you'll get to chose a mascara.

The first item was the Davines SU Hair and Body Wash, it is $22.50 for the full size 250 ml.  Davines is a brand we get a lot in these boxes.  It's an Italian brand.  The scent is refreshing and it's supposed to be rich in vitamin C.  This would be good for travel and is supposed to be good for the skin after sun exposure.

Dr. Jart + 
Continuing with what actually seems to be a theme of the summer sun gets burny and stuff, I also got the Dr. Jart + Every Day UV Sun Fluid.  It is $34.00 for 3.4 oz.  This has a faint sunscreen scent and doesn't feel greasy.  It absorbs quickly.  This may actually be a good sunscreen under makeup,

I know the men have received this item in their boxes and maybe the Davines as well.  I was jealous about this one, because who doesn't need a little after sun therapy?  This Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion is $32.00 for the full size 6 oz size.  The first ingredient is aloe, which any pale person worth their salt has at least one plant.  It is wonderful for burns.  It also has lavender oil, which can be iffy.  Depending on who you listen to, this could be good or bad.  Some people think this is a skin irritant (I did until recently) but it is actually very useful for acne, bee stings, and burns.  It shouldn't be used widely on the body as it can be drying.  So, while I still loathe the scent, it doesn't get a frowny face for that.  Unless you're allergic or if it is full fragrance. The agave in it may act as a humectant.  I'm happy I got this, in a way.

Leila Lou
Fragrance is a very personal thing, so take what I say with a grain of salt.  The Leila Lou by Rosie Jane which is $49.00 for the 50 ml full size.  It is supposed to have notes of pear and jasmine but actually smells like a rancid garden vomited all over the place.  I feel it is too heavy for spring or summer or any season that people can actually smell things.  I'm not a fan.

Gimme Brow

Lastly was what was apparently the star of the box.  It's the Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, which is $24.00 for the full size .10 oz.  They now have three shades light (1), medium (3), and dark (5).  I got the medium shade and I think it's a good shade for me.  It is supposed to contain microfibers to make brows look fuller.  I like this idea as my brows are naturally on the Disney villain side of the spectrum.

Sooo... I wasn't thrilled with this box.  The last box wasn't great either.  I'm not a fan of the upcoming changes to what had been the best point system.  Next month had better be good or unsubscribing may be in my future :(

 Next up will be Ipsy, since the bar wasn't set high, if Ipsy doesn't win, eeks.

* I unfortunately paid for this box out of my own pocket.

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