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Jouer Mermaid Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette

By 6:06 PM

So, the other day, I was watching YouTube like any true addict and I saw this video Mermaid Eyes & Glowy Skin by mesijesibeauty.  I fell in love with that eyeshadow palette.  I have been wanting colors like that. I hit YouTube for hardcore research and there were not many videos with this palette.  So, I didn't know how others were reacting to the palette.

I knew it was limited edition and I was concerned that if I waited, I might not get it.  So... I purchased the Jouer Mermaid Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette.  It is $38.00 for four .07 oz shadows.  At this time, it appears to be available on the Jouer site, but Frends Beauty is also stocking it.  You can get it a little cheaper and at a better shipping price from Frends Beauty.  Neither site uses Ebates.  It is also available on Cult Beauty for £30.00.  Rumor has it that Nordstrom will be carrying some of this collection.

They are considered mineral pigments and are supposed to have things that are good for your skin in them.

The box was pretty and very much fits the theme of the palette.

However, it was some wasted packaging, as the palette is nearly half the size of the box.  Maybe it's for safety in shipping?

When you open the box it has a pretty look you can do with the palette and you know I have already done that look.  I'm wearing it right now. That pic was the one that cemented my purchase of this.

Left to Right: Coconut, Pink Pearl, Splash, Dreamer
The four shadows are a decent size, they also have the Jouer signature ability to slide each shadow out and form your own palette.  It really allows you to play.  The compacts are okay, the mirror only goes as high as shown, so applying with the compact mirror is a little annoying.


Coconut is just beautiful.  It appears to be white but has a beautiful white/teal duochrome action.  It is rather sheer but buildable.  It is creamy and fine.  I didn't have a lot of fall out with this.  In the light it becomes rather sparkly.  All of these shades can be used wet or dry and I didn't notice the eyeshadow becoming icky in the pan after wet.  I love this in the inner corner and think it will beautiful year round.

Pink Pearl
 Pink Pearl is a sheer buildable pink.  It has a nice iridescence.  It is very creamy and blends well.  Like the other colors, it didn't have a lot of fall out.  It appears glittery in the light.  This is a great color for all over the lids.  It can give a pretty look that doesn't smack you in the face and works with all the pink shadow releases. It can be used with or over some of those other pink palettes.

 Splash is a sheer iridescent aqua color.  It follows the quality and formulations of the others.  It is a tiny bit more pigmented, but it may just be the nature of the shade rather than a formula difference.  It almost seems to glow on your skin.  It can look metallic and screams summer.  Just a pop of this under the eyes is all "Bam!"


 Dreamer is the star of this mermaid show.  It is way more pigmented than the other shadows.  It isn't as fine textured as the others but still feels very creamy.  It is described as a duochrome peacock and I could totally picture Hera rocking this.  These pictures absolutely do not do this color justice.  It blends well, with the base color becoming more prominent when blended out.  I love this as an eye liner or in a smokey eye.

Left to Right: Jouer Dreamer, Urban Decay Lounge, MAC Blue Brown Pigment, and ColourPop Bae
 I know when I saw this color, I wanted to know if it was close to Lounge or Blue Brown, so I thought I'd pop it next to those colors, that way you would have that question answered for yourself.  I wouldn't consider it a dupe, but it has similarities to each of the other colors.  I haven't done reviews on any of the others and might have to as I love this sort of shade.  I think Makeup Geek Insomnia would fall into this color family.  In case you were wondering, I had to pile on Bae to get it to the pigmentation of the others.

I think that Jouer nailed this idea.  They definitely fall into mermaid and are very summery.  The first three shades are more sheer and really work for a summer look but can be built up for drama.  They would also work to top other shades or with colored bases for more fun.  Dreamer is the epitome of a mermaid's tail.  Everything is glittery, so if that's not what you're into, you will not like this.

Aging eyes will have to use care with this, as with most glittery stuff, but it is pretty creamy and I didn't have it sinking into any fine lines.  It doesn't have any strong scents.  The shadows remain consistent in their quality.  There isn't a dud in the group.

 This is selling fast.  If you like it, get it sooner rather than later.  I was very surprised that I liked this as much as I do.

 I have four products from the collection: Skinny DipUnicorn, and Fairy in addition to this palette.

* I bought this from the Jouer site with my own money.  No one threatened to make me swim with the fishes if I didn't review.

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