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A Few of My Favorite Things: Most Used Nail Polish 2014

By 3:19 PM

I adore nail polish.  I love doing fun new things with my nails.  I own more nail polish than is probably healthy for the average woman.  I just thought I would share some of my favorite colors of this year.

The first color actually broke me out of my I hate pink thing.  It is such a pretty color that I couldn't help thinking I should give pink a chance.  It's by OPI and it's called Pedal Faster Suzi and it was from the Holland Spring 2012 Collection.  I ended up getting it cheap at a salon when they were cycling out their colors.  It's a cool toned baby pink with shimmer and lavender undertones.  You can find it online still ranging from $6.00 to $9.00.  It is rather sheer, but it should look opaque with two to three coats.  It has great lasting power and pinks are usually really good that when they chip they aren't as obvious as a darker color.

The next color was Sunday Funday by China Glaze.  This was great for the blue trend that was all over Youtube last spring.  It was from the China Glaze Avant Garden 2013 Collection.  It is a true blue and it just a beautiful color.  It's still available online with prices ranging from $3.30 to $8.00.  Blues can be tough to get off your nails, so a good base coat is recommended.  This had very good lasting power and is just wonderful.  I would go two coats with this.

My next color is a classic.  It's China Glaze's For Audrey.  It is a beautiful Tiffany blue.  It's just such a fun color that can be worn in any season.  It is $5.50 on the Sally Beauty Web site.  It applies quite opaque and you will need one to two coats for this.  As with the other polishes above it is formaldehyde free.

Sorry about the attack of the cat fur!

The last color is a red everyone should own.  It is a rich ruby red with micro glitter that doesn't need to be hunted down.  It's just so freaking gorgeous.  It's Ruby Pumps by China Glaze.  It is perfect for the holidays or just any time you feel like being complimented on your red nails.  It's also formaldehyde free.  This also sells for $5.50 on Sally's website.

My last nail favorite is my top coat.  Before this I had topcoats that would kinda blur my nail art when it hardened or it would smudge.  But this is a dream.  It  dries super fast.  It doesn't settle into the nail art weird, it leaves my nails shiny.  It doesn't smudge if you're careful.  The one downfall for this is that at the end of the bottle it tends to get thick, gummy, and unusable.  Other than that Seche Vite is amazing!  It is $8.99 but you can often get it for sale at Sally's.

As a side note I did try the Formula X Polishes at Sephora this year and I found that they weren't worth the buy.  They chip fast.  The neon polishes for the most part were extraordinarily sheer.  The metallics were pretty but chips ahoy!  Ranging from $10.50 to $12.50 these were a waste of money, no matter what YouTube hype tried to smash into my brain.  The only thing they have going for them is some pretty nifty top coats for glitter and other effects.

*I fund my own nail polish addiction with my own money.  No one gives me nail polish to try.

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