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A Few of of My Favorite Things 2014 Face + a Book Extra

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Another year is just flew by and now it's almost 2015.  Hey, remember the whole the world is ending in 2012 thing?  Let's have a bottoms up moment to not going for that!  You only have a bottle of wine?  Woman Up!  Good luck with that!  BTW have you ever read Woman Up?  I'll add that now for one of my favorite things of 2014.  That book and meeting Aimee at a Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce Event was truly a delight.  Attending events with the CWCC last year was incredibly empowering.

I guess this would be a good time to mention that this is my first A Few of My Favorite Things posts.  I might have to break this up into a couple blogs.  How devastating for you!

I think I'll start with foundation.  Because we build from the foundation up or down as the products would go lol?  Sounds about right!  I have two I will mention.  We'll start with my number two choice of foundation for this year.

I've loved Make-Up For Ever ever since Kandee Johnson told me I needed to try the HD version.  I loved that foundation so much for 2013.  But in 2014 I caved in to try my number two but sometimes still number one foundation. #2/1 Foundation: Make-Up Forever Mat Velvet + At $36.00 it can be daunting, especially if you are used to paying a third of that price.  However, you just need a small amount of this and can build to full coverage.  It has great lasting power, doesn't oxidize, looks good in pics, and this bottle will last longer than a cheap bottle because you need so little.  You can use a brush, your fingers, or a beauty blender to apply as this is not water based.  It has a plastic squeeze bottle, so you can control your usage, although you may have to really work to get the last of your foundation out.

My number one foundation I found by accident.  Lancôme often has these great gift with purchase bags at Dillard's, Macy's, and a few other stores.  I really wanted the gift bag lol.  It was $45.00.  Which isn't the most pricey foundation, but for me, this is about as high as I can justify spending.  #1 Foundation: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra.  It is also medium to full coverage and mattifying.  You need a very small amount of this.  It has a lovely finish, doesn't oxidize, comes in a wide range of shades, lasts all day long, and it also looks great in pics.  It is a glass bottle with a pump.  It's easy to control the amount you use and because the pump unscrews, you can get every last drop out.  This is a water based foundation, so a Beauty Blender might absorb too much of the product.  I use this with a brush and it's flawless.  I get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this.  I never have to retouch this.  It is great in the summer and in the winter.

For CC Cream I have one.  it Cosmestics Your Skin But Better CC+.  I didn't want to join the CC Cream gimick band wagon, but I really do love this.  I wear it under my foundation with the Wayne Goss powder first trick or by itself.  You can tell I totally love this stuff by the well loved package.  It is $38.00 but if you don't like foundation, this may be all you need.  It runs pale, so go darker than you think you need.  I can wear the Light in the summer and I don't get much of a tan.  I'm Fair (read glow in the dark) in the winter.  I apply this with my fingers and I feel it has improved my skin.  It says it has 50 + SPF, which I think may be a know.  People have said that over 35 SPF doesn't really do anything for you.  So, I wouldn't get it specifically for the SPF.  As a matter of fact, the high SPF may be the down side for many with this product.  I would also proceed with caution if this is all you use, as high SPF will give you white face in flash.  You want to avoid getting this near your eye, as high SPF can be irritating and may be making your eyes water.  It also may not work for people who are sensitive to sunscreen products.

Concealer is something I only recently started using.  The KimK doesn't work out well for me because I am fair and finding something whiter than my color would be like putting on White Out or something.  But I do get shadows under my eyes and I am human and get the occasional blemish.  I was happy with the Maybelline Age Rewind Brightener.  It has pink undertones to cancel out the bruised hues it works pretty well and was only $8.99.  The sponge tip was weird and wasteful.  Plus how gross is that thing?  But then I tried the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.  Oh wow.  You certainly do not need to apply as much as YouTubers do.  You can use a small amount and get great coverage.  The one I get has small pink undertones and works under my eyes and for blemishes.  Those with skin that can high light may want a lighter one for under the eyes.  It is $29.00.  But you truly don't need a lot, it is creamy, hydrating, a has good pigmentation.  I use a Beauty Blender to blend this out.

For Primer, I finally found my HG (Holy Grail for those needing a translation).  If you don't own this, you should!  Hourglass Veil Mineral  Primer.  Oh this is so amazing.  It comes out white with a neon blue cast.  I first came across this when a friend and I went to Sephora and the artist used it on her.  It helped the foundation blur her blemishes so amazingly well.  I had to get it.  You need a very small amount.  It helps your foundation go on sooo smooth.  You can use this for special occasions to help justify the price.  I like using it every day because I'm addicted.  The 1oz bottle is a jaw dropping $52.00.  It does come in a small .33 oz for $18.00.  That is the one I use, even though I use it every day, because you only want to use a tiny pump and I can make it last.  It applies like silk and can help blur a multitude of imperfections.

From Right to Left: Hourglass Primer, it CC Fair, it CC Light, MUFE Mat Velvet, and Lancôme Teint Idole.

I know these things are pricey, but these products were worth their prices.  Hopefully, my experiences with these will help you if you were on the fence about any of these things!

* I slowly purchased these things or received them as a birthday gift from my sister (the MUFE Mat Velvet).  No company thought I should get to try their products for free.

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