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A Few of My Favorite Things 2014: Hourglass Powders

By 10:44 PM

This should perhaps put me on the naughty list.  For at least a month.  When I first saw these in a video by MakeUpbyTiffanyD, I thought, OMG what a rip.  A palette of highlighters?  Oh what a waste of good money.

From Left to Right: Dim, Incandescent (only in this palette), and Radiant.

They aren't highlighters.  They are more like creating your perfect lighting.  They are more like finishing powders.  I was afraid that Dim Light might be too dark, but it looks so pretty on me all over the skin.  It's supposed to be a good balance of cool and warm tones and blur imperfections.  Because I'm so pale, Incandescent Light works well as a highlighter or even under my eyes.  Radiant doesn't work on me.  I can kinda use it as a blush or over a blush, but it's not my favorite.  This is the Ambient Lighting Palette and it does sell for $58.00.  In no way is this something you have to have.  This is definitely a splurge and it's nice to have.

Poor broke penguin nail.  Work is too rough on my nails! 
I have two of the individual powders.  My favorite is Mood Light.  It's the scary pink one.  It just creates a flattering rose light for your face.  Not anything that's going to look as though you went buck wild with the blush or as if you finished letting your boyfriend or a small child do your makeup.  No, it's just a barest hint of pink.  The story behind this one was that the creator's mother would only have pink lighting in her home because she thought it was the most flattering of lights.  I switch off with this and Dim alllll the time.  Individually, these sell for $45.00.  Yipe.  In the end, that's a lot for a powder.  You do not need to buy this.

If you really want to treat yourself to this, I would suggest buying the palette.  You get to try three colors and get your feet wet on the product.

From Left to Right: Luminous Flush, Incandescent Electra, Mood Exposure

Because I had realized that, I jumped at the chance to get the blushes.  These are incredibly lovely, but at $35.00 for an individual blush I was very torn.  I did get the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette and it was a bite out of my wallet at $58.00.  Again, while this is a nice palette and I love the glow of the blushes, this is not a NEED.  This is something you buy because you want to treat yourself to a taste of luxury.  They will last a long time because you don't need a lot.  I think the palette is a better value for your money and I hope they make this a permanent selection.

In the end I think this is some hype on a good product.  Is it the best powder or blush you will ever find and the end all of all?  No.  Is it a favorite of mine, yes.  I love these.  I won't be purchasing any more of the powders or blushes in the singles at this time.  The palettes really are the best value for your money if you do decide you want to try them.

* Hourglass does not know I exist.  They have not decided to fund my addiction for even a small moment in time.  I paid for all of these products myself.

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