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Broke Woman Mission Statement

By 12:06 AM

As a broke woman I can't do a weekly favorites, simply because I can't afford to buy that much make-up.  I'd apologize, but being broke has taught be so much about life that I can't help but be grateful that I'm not a spoiled person that doesn't recognize the value of what I spend.  I'm proud of being a broke woman.  A woman who works for her luxuries.  I know there are a lot of us.

I feel like Broke Woman is a sisterhood.  A group of women who love make-up, want to feel pretty, but can't imagine spending $50.00 on a palette to find that the colors only work for editorial stuff or have no pay off.  Or a lipstick that looks like it's amazing but turns out to be something we could have bought for $5.00 if we had chosen another brand.  I feel there are some high quality brands that are worth paying for.  I want to share those!

It's also the premise of this blog.  I'm broke. I watch enough beauty Vlogs on YouTube to have been burned by undisclosed sponsored videos.  I want to share things that are ACTUALLY worth the money and not just because some pretty face with a charming personality on YouTube got paid to tell us that it was fan-freaking-tastic.

That is why I will try to purchase the hype and tell you what I really think.  I will tell you what I really think about the products we all want.

At my day job, I make $12.10 per hour.  I wanted to form my blog so I could help people not waste their money on junk.  If you have things you want me to review, let me know!

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