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December 2014 ipsy First Glance

By 7:56 PM

So, the other beauty subscription service I use is ipsy.  It was developed by Michelle Phan the very popular YouTuber.  I'm not a PhanFan but the woman has undeniable talent and the bag is a very good idea.  As with Birchbox, this is $10.00 a month.

When I was first researching, it seemed that this box was usually the winner in the monthly battles that pop up all over YouTube like crazy cosmetic popcorn.  This one had a very long waiting list.

 I waited over four months and that's only because I finally broke down and clicked their little rabid rabbit thing to get on the fast track by driving my friends and family nuts on social media with advertising this.  I HATE. LOATHE.  DESPISE doing things like that.  Lori, from LoriOver40 suggested that I do it and make it so only I could see the post (she's on a break right now, but even if you're not over 40, she is really fantastic.  I love her personality and she's great at answering comments).  That worked and if you're like me and hate posting junk like that, follow her advice and giggle maniacally.  The giggle is required for winning!

ipsy also has a points system, but it's not as good as the Birchbox one.  It feels like you need a crazy amount of points for stuff and it's just kinda eh.  However, ipsy comes with a makeup-bag.  I'm sure down the road when I have been subscribed for many many moons I'll be like AHHH!  So many bags! But for now it's cool.  I also like to give make-up for Christmas, birthdays, and random things, so I just throw those things in a bag and it's great to be able to have nice packaging for products without having to buy things.  Yup, I sounded soooo cheap there!

Referring people is 250 points.  It is 1000 points to get most of the items.  At this time there is one item for 500 points, but it's sold out.

I was stoked for December ipsy.  I was thinking it would be holiday and glam and sparkles every where.  I was picturing a pretty blue and silver bag. Or red sequin!

Bubble burst.  It's okay and all, but it's just so plain!  It'll be good for make-up brushes I guess.  If I travel.  Which Broke Women don't do.  The pink thing behind it is the bag it ships in.  Not a pink fan, but it's still kinda fun.

Like the reflection of my phone case? Yes, there is a gingerbread man on my nail.  Anyways, my package didn't come with any cards or anything, so I had to check for the price.  The first item is a Swissco Electroplated Eyelash Curler.  It's nifty if you want a back up.  But I have a Shiseido curler.  The Swissco one is metallic purple (looove purple) and it's only $5.00.  My Shiseido was $19.00.  I do find you get what you pay for in curlers, so I'll probably just give this to a teenager.

The next item was the Coolway Boost repair.  It's supposed to help improve elasticity and strength.  It doesn't contain formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, phthalates and isn't tested on animals.  So, it's a good on paper product.  I am looking forward to trying this.  It has a sweet but slightly chemically scent.  It is $29.95 for the full size product.  We'll see how that goes.

Next is a Nyx butter lip balm in the color Ladyfingers (I love the sweet names of these products).  This feels smooth and hydrating.  It doesn't have a flavor but it has a sweet berry scent.  It's a sheer wash of mauve pink.

This is only $4.00 for the full size and I'm sure the one I received was full sized.  This is definitely a good buy.

Next is this pixi Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare.  Now, when I receive something called "Fairy Dust," I'm expecting the glitter Tink puddles around in.  I'm thinking this is going to be a champagne glitter with the name and I'm getting excited.

WTF? What is that? It looks like a scar.  Ugh.  And it's $10.00?!  For what?! Seriously?  My trash can is hungry now.

Finally!  Something that was good!  Not that I don't like the Nyx butter lip balm and don't mind trying the Coolway, but neither one is really revving my engine.  But Tarte is a great brand.  Its philosophy is that glamour can be good for you.  It's formulated without the usual junk like phthalates.  So, yay!  It's $20.00 for the full size of the lights, camera, LASHES mascara.

So, the only product I'm truly thrilled about is the mascara.

Other than that this bag kinda...well...sucked.

I feel very let down this month by both Birchbox and ipsy.  Both get a loss this month.  Seriously, it's the holidays!  These could have been so awesome!  So, I'm going to go cry into my mascara.  Not really, because that would be bad for my mascara.

*I paid all of this junk by my self.  ipsy doesn't know me or think I should get to play with their bags for free.

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