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Easy DIY Yogurt Mask

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I love masks.  Even more than masks, I love do it your self masks because I love being able to control the ingredients I'm slapping on my face.  As a teenager I used to pour over books on the subject and now in my doddering thirties, I still love them.

My favorite is one of the simplest, my mom and I have used it for years.  It has two ingredients and can really rescue your skin.  One time, after a cold I had this redness on the edges of my nose that should have put me up on some intervention show.  No joke, it looked bad!  Putting cosmetics on it wasn't happening because it burned like  It was also so dry that it just looked like cracked lizard skin.

I slathered this on my face and within days I was healed.  Obviously, if you have an allergy to either of the items, don't try it.  It will result in a sad panda moment.  Puppies will cry.  Don't make puppies cry.

I prefer a full fat version for masks, but go with what you have.
The first ingredient is about a 1\4 cup Greek yogurt.  The lactic acid in the yogurt can help dissolve dead skin, it can be good for break outs, can help even skin tone, can be soothing for sunburns because it contains zinc, and adds a nice creamy base to the mask.  If you do not have Greek yogurt, grab some plain yogurt, a strainer, and a coffee filter. Put the filter in the strainer, put the yogurt in the filter and let the liquid drain out.

I bought the honey at Sam's Club for like $8.00.
The second ingredient is 1 tsp - 1 TBL honey.  I like a raw honey for this and I really do like that Sam's sells local honey.  I adore honey.  I thank goodness that bees were brought to America and if I remembered, I would probably drink it daily.  Honey is so good for so many things.  Thinking about what's happening to the bee population truly makes me sad.  I think it's cool that there are actually hotels down town that have bees on their roof and are growing their own honey (Brown Palace and Warwick - that I know of).

I'm sure you don't want me to wax on about how amazing honey is, so I'll just mention why honey is important for this recipe.  Honey is a natural humectant, it's great for cuts and blemishes because it's also antimicrobial, it's good for sensitive skin, like lactic acid it has a mild bleaching agent (this is why people use it in masks for blonde hair) and can help even the skin tone, it can help slow down aging because of the antioxidants, and can help unclog pores.

Put the honey in the yogurt, mix.  Gently smooth into freshly washed skin.  Leave on your skin for at least twenty minutes.  Rinse with warm water and finish with cool water.  Gently press your favorite moisturizer into your skin and enjoy.

Your mask will keep up to three days in the refrigerator if you don't use it all.

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