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ColourPop Bound Lippie Stix and Pencil

By 12:12 PM

You had to know there was no way I was just trying one new Lippie Stix, right?  Not with this addiction!

I bought Bound in both the Lippie Stix and the Lippie Pencil.  Because I needed another nude pink in my life.  You really can't have enough nude pinks and ColourPop has that whole Pringles thing going on.  Once you pop....

I'll stop now. But really, for $5.00 each?  How could I not?  Don't insert logic here.  It won't work on me.

The cute boxes.
I tore into these boxes, I was so excited.  Funny story though, when I first did my swatches, I somehow grabbed Lumière.  I told you I was obsessed with that one lol.

Lippie Stix on the left, Pencil on the right.

The pencil appears dark but it really works for this Lippie Stix.  As usual, I love the smell.  The liner has a creamy application that glides over your lips.  The Lippie Stix smells like vanilla and also glides onto your lips.

This combo lasted quite a while on my lips.  About 7 hours and then the pencil was still there, but needed a lipstick touch up.  It did dry down, but remained fairly comfortable through out the day.

As a neon white skinned person I do have to be careful with not looking like a zombie with nudes, but this one is very pretty and not a concealer lip.  It's just a pretty pinky nude.  It's fairly opaque.

I have another one coming, there were some issues with that one, but you'll get the story later.

*ColourPop has no idea who I am, except maybe their billing department who processes my payments.

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