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January 2015 ipsy First Look

By 2:41 PM

Okay, ipsy is also a $10.00 a month subscription service. Referring someone is 250 points. ipsy comes in a cute bag vs the box of Birchbox and you get roughly the same amount of samples.

ipsy came a few days after my Birchbox.  I was looking forward to the bag, as usual.

The bag was fresh looking, blue on one side, white on the other and coral on the inside.  As usual, ipsy doesn't come with a price chart, so you do have to look up all the products.

My first item was a day moisturizer.  I thought it was lotion and squirted out enough to use on my arms >< lol.  So yeah, it reminded me of being in school and having that beginning of the year thing the teachers would have (every year) where the first line told you to read all the instructions first.  By the end you just had to put your name on it.  I totally needed to read all of the instructions first!

The La Fresh Group eco-beauty good day day moisturizer comes in an eco friendly container.  I liked this waaay better than the foil packets.  It can be reused easily!  They make their products with little water and to be used with little water.  I found this to be very rich and moisturizing.  You don't need a whole heck of a lot. The full size is in a tub and is $40.00.

My second product was another Manna Kadar. This was the sheer glow lotion.  It's nearly invisible on my skin.  When mixed with my foundation this gave me a lovely glow that just made me look fresh and glowing.  It was a really nice thing to try.  It's $29.00 for the full sized product.

My next item was a Hikari eye-liner in the color Storm.  Hikari was founded in the belief that great cosmetics should come at an affordable price.  That's something I can get on board.  Unfortunately, I found it hard and very dry.  As it is a mechanical pencil and plastic goes all melty when you take a lighter to it, I won't be able to try that to make it work.  I might try using the blow dryer though.  At $13.00 it's not as much as an Urban Decay liner, but only by a few dollars, and Urban Decay liners are just....drool.

My next item was the Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye-shadow in Treasure.  Pacifica is a natural beauty company that is supposed to be cruelty free.  The eye-shadow is infused with coconut oil.  It's a shimmery bronze.  It was better than  I expected with a soft formula and a sheer build-able color.  It is very hard to find this color though and might be available in a set for $14.00

Malin + Goetz is skin care for sensitive skin.  They don't use synthetic fragrances and they are family owned and operated.  The Mojito Lip Balm has no color, is lightly mojito scented/flavored, and has a gel texture.  It sinks into the lips.  I did really enjoy this product.  The full size was $12.00.

The only product I didn't like was the eyeliner.  So, I think that means that ipsy wins this round.  I really liked the moisturizer and liked the sheer glo in my foundations.  The lip balm was my favorite item in the bag, in the winter, you really can't have too many good balms!  It works well under lip sticks too!  But only if you use a small amount.  I probably wouldn't buy the full size though because my cheap stuff works just as well if not better.

I probably wouldn't buy the Manna Kaddar because half the time I forget to put it in my foundation, well more than half.  Like 90%.

I might buy the moisturizer.  $40.00 isn't horrible for a moisturizer.  The full size is 17 ounces which is a pinch over a pound.  Might.  I'm not definite, but it is a decent moisturizer.

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