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Winter Skin and Hair Tips

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Colorado in the winter is tough on your skin.  It's dry, the temperature varies wildly, we have high altitude, and we can get some fun wind to add to the skin disaster.  So, Colorado girls learn how to take care of our skin in the winter, because otherwise we look like some alien lizard people and age like ten years.  It's not pretty.  I'd show you pictures, but then I'd get nastygrams from people who haven't slept in days because those images were burned in their brains.

Random sunscreens I had laying around.
The first tip is to not forget about sunscreen.  Just because it's not 90 degrees F out doesn't mean that you can't get sun damage.  If you've ever gone skiing or snow boarding, you know that the snow reflects the sun light and this can help you get an awesome sun burn.  If you're in higher altitude areas this is very important as UVR is more intense.  As any pale person knows, just because it's cloudy doesn't mean there isn't a chance for burns.  So, don't add to your dry skin woes by adding a fun burn to the mix.

Harsh scrubs.  One even has cinnamon ><
The next tip is to avoid harsh scrubs in the winter.  You do want to use a scrub as it will help remove dead skin and allow your moisturizers to sink in better, but don't over do them as that will dry out your skin worse, and use gentle scrubs.

The hair mask that saved me after I went blonde.  Not a good look for me.
Don't forget about your hair.  A weekly hair mask is very important so your hair doesn't turn into static straw.

Your scalp can get dry as well.  For healthy hair, it's important to take care of your scalp too and one of my favorite ways is this recipe I found from watching Carli Bybel.  It's great for growing long lashes and thickening up your brows, but it works for your hair too and just feels amazing on a winter scalp.

I bought the Castor Oil  on Vitacost and you can get 4 oz for  $3.59.  I also got the Avocado Oil there for $11.59.  That is my kitchen Coconut Oil but you can get Coconut Oil from Vitacost for like $8.79.  All of these oils will last you a while and you can use them for multiple things.  Like coconut oil to shave your legs in the winter.  You'll thank me later.  It's also great for your hands and feet.  Soak them in oil after a bath or shower, wear socks or mitts, and let the oil soak in.  I would use caution with the Castor Oil though and make sure to keep it away from pets.

Dry oils are great for hair at this time, especially if you are finding that the masks or heavy conditioners are weighing down your hair.

The cheapest one here is my favorite, Aquaphor.

Your lips need loving too.  Licking your lips will dry them out and can lead to cracking and bleeding.  That isn't the holiday red lips people go for.  If you're going to be outside, you may want the added benefit of a lip product with SPF.  Some people can be sensitive to that, so you'll have to try and see what works best for you.

Drink plenty of water.  You might not feel like you're sweating a lot but you are losing moisture.  Plus when we're cold our blood vessels shrink, our blood pressure goes up, our kidneys make more urine, and out goes more fluid.  You may also be drinking more coffee and there goes more hydration.

Next, I'm going to break some hearts.  One big mistake people make in the winter is the nice hot shower.  It dries out your skin.  Sorry friends, but if you want soft, supple skin in the winter, you're going warm. A cool rinse also helps make your hair shiny, so hey, bonus!

Be gentle.  You're skin might be a friendemy sometimes, but you should try being more friendly to it.  When toweling off your skin, don't scrub your skin off.  Press off the moisture.  The same with washing your face or body, massage it into your skin.  When you put on your moisturizer, gently press it into your skin with your finger tips.  Use your ring fingers to gently press in your eye cream.

 Please don't forget about your neck and chest.  That skin needs love too!

Use a gentle cleanser to avoid stripping out important moisture from your skin.  This may also help reduce break outs because your skin won't have to push more oil out to compensate for the moisture loss.  Wash with warm water and finish with cool water to help maintain your moisture.

Your skin is more absorbent within the first few minutes after your shower or  washing your face.  Be sure to use your moisturizer within three minutes of that.  While your face is absorbing your favorite moisturizer, lotion up the rest of your skin, do the oil for your feet and hands if you're heading for bed, and enjoy making the most out of your products.

I hope this helps some people have better skin this winter.  I'm always being asked what I do to make my skin look so healthy in the winter and this is my advice to you.  Taking care of your skin will make the rest of the make-up look better as well.

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