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January 2015 Birchbox First Look

By 1:43 PM

Let's Do This!
This month with my Birchbox subscription I didn't see anything I really wanted as far as the early pick item.  So, I didn't pick anything.  I let Fortune spin her wheel of destiny and beckoned what was to come.

Quickly, in case one doesn't know, Birchbox is a month subscription box for men and women.  The men's box is $20.00 and the women's box is $10.00.  You can get points for referring friends (my link would give me 50 points if you use it), for doing reviews, and various other things.  You get five or so samples and they have started letting you pick one item.

My Birchbox came first this month.  The box was very pretty this month.  They have said that we should save our boxes this year.

Last month was a fail for both boxes.  Let's see how this month goes.

As always it's very pretty inside!
It was well packaged and I love how every month feels like my birthday!

I was pretty excited about this, because who doesn't need a dry shampoo once and a while?  Klorane is a brand that focuses on "protecting plant heritage and the environment."  They appear to be part of Pierre Fabre Laboratories in France.  The full size is $19.50.  It is tinted a weird beige color which is better than white, I suppose, but didn't blend well into my almost black hair.  As far as performance goes, it was okay, but there are cheaper that do as well.

I had crossed my fingers and hoped I wouldn't get this.  
Since I was really hoping I wouldn't get this, it obviously meant that I would get this.  I absolutely LOATHE lavender scented things.  Essentiel Elements is part of Gilchrist & Soames.  They do not use synthetic oils, mineral oils, or artificial colors.  This scent does wake you up.  Like it smells so freaking bad it about knocked me out of my skin.  It's like a lavender bomb went off and I was the target.  If you like lavender, this might be a plus for you.  It did absorb well and wasn't greasy.  The scent faded after a bit.  The full size of this is $19.00.

Yay!  A mask!
I was very excited to see this big 'ol container with a mask in it.  It wasn't as full as I'd hoped but it will still get many uses.  Innarah products are supposed to work with your skin's biology.  The texture of this was a slightly fluffy clay if that makes sense.  It is supposed to hydrate and oxiginate.  It worked like a normal clay mask.  I truly didn't notice much hydration or anything.  It's a holy mother load...$125.00 for the full size.  Holy carp!

When I get BB creams, I tend to feel some trepidation as they are often too dark for my skin and give me a lovely orange cast.  I was happy to see this was tinted and only slightly too dark for my skin.  It works into the skin well, gives good hydration.  Dr. Jart+ is a brand that works with science to get better products.  They have lots of dermatologists on staff.  I did feel this did help brighten the skin.  I like it as much as my it Cosmetics CC cream!  It is $39.00 for the full size.

The last item was a Manna Kadar Lip Locked product.  Manna is pretty inspiring.  She basically started in business at 16 and believes in empowering women to go after their dreams.  She is involved with quite a few charities.  Kinda makes one feel good about using her products.  It had a cute crystal on top.  applied creamy, lasted for a decent amount of time, wasn't especially moisturizing, and on the lips it wasn't really my color, the one I received was All of You.  It was sort of a warm rose nude with some peach.  The full size retails for $24.00.

This wasn't a bad box.  I did like the Dr. Jart+ BB cream.  The shampoo would have been better for a person with lighter hair than me.  The lotion would have been good if lavender didn't repulse the heck out of me.  The gloss might have been better on someone with a warm skin tone.  The mask was nice but $125.00?  Is it made of mud blessed by unicorns in a spring created by a leprichan's pot of gold and gathered by faeries?

We'll see how ipsy did next!

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