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Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

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I love eye-shadow palettes.  I think they're fun and they can be a great way to try colors I might ordinarily not even try.  I own all three Naked Palettes.  My favorite is the third one.  I don't even like pink and it's just...mmmm.

I keep meaning to try the Original Chocolate Bar.  I see it at Sephora, I sniff the ever loving heck out of it.  I make others smell it.  I put it in my online cart.  I take it out.  Then I saw that Too Faced came out with the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.  I decided to purchase it because I knew it would be all over YouTube.  I also saw a video with MakeUpbyTiffanyD using it and it looked so pretty on her!  I don't even like blue eye-shadow.  Bye bye $49.00.

I also saw this Teni Panosian look and she used Rum Raisin and it was so flipping gorgeous, I wanted it.

And the prize for the most adorable box ever goes to.... 

Already I'm amped.  Packaging like this makes me think of something I learned when I was an apprentice jeweler.  You don't put quality stones in crap metal.  I thought that the cute box HAD to have a quality product inside.  A gem if you will.

Back of the box.

The packaging feels like a tin.  Much better than a cheap cardboard one.  I was so ready to dive in and get a big whiff.  The first thing that got me was when it opened too easily.  The magnet on this was super weak.  I would never put this in a bag without further security.  It just flops.  I thought that I was just spoiled by my Naked 2 and 3 palettes.  It's not fair to judge this palette by those, right?

The lettering is raised.

The colors in this palette are infused with cocoa.  It's supposed to be loaded with anti oxidants and be good for your skin (not good if you're allergic to chocolate).  When you open it, you get this warm wash of heaven wafting from the tin.  Chocolate.  Mmmm. Personally, by brain starts humming happy thoughts the second I smell this.

Mmm Chocolaty Goodness.
The colors did appear pretty.  I prefer cooler tones, but this does have some.  It also has quite a few (seven) mattes.  It actually has more than the Naked Palettes.  Which is good.  I have come to love a good matte.  Licorice, Coconut Crème, Nougat, Truffled, Puddin', Peanut Butter and Mousse are all matte.

From Left to Right: Licorice, Coconut Crème, Nougat, Truffled, and Hot Fudge.
  • Licorice (matte black) is an okay color.  It is kind of patchy and isn't as pigmented as I would like.  
  • Coconut Crème (matte ivory) is very pigmented.  It's nice that they did such a large size on the highlighter shades.It feels almost buttery.  
  • Nougat (matte nude pink) is decently pigmented and blends very well.  Great transition color.
  • Truffled (matte warm brown) has good pigmentation and blends well.  
  • Hot Fudge (dark brown sheen) is buttery, pigmented, blends well (sometimes a little too well) and is one of my favorite shades.  In the pan it appears to have micro glitter but blends out to have a sheen.  

From Left to Right: Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar, Puddin', Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, and Frosting

  • Cocoa Chili (sparkly warm mid range brown) is also quite buttery.  It has okay pigmentation.  The glitter flecks are pink, green, and gold.  It surprised me how much fun this color was.
  • Pink Sugar (sheer pink glitter) is a shade that people will either love or hate.  It can add a fun wash of glitter.  But it's not super glittery.  It doesn't glitz up your eyeball wet or with glitter glue.  It's like a subdued glitter.  Applied wet, more copper tones find their way through. 
  • Puddin' (matte mid-dark brown) feels quite buttery but is on the sheer side.  
  • Blueberry Swirl (sheer blue sheen) is very sheer.  You definitely need a base to make this color pop and even then you may have to pack it on.  
  • Peanut Butter (matte terracotta) is buttery, has about average pigmentation, and blends like a dream.  This is the color I thought I would like the least.  But when you use it to warm up your crease blend (between the transition and the brow highlight), it just has an oomph that steps up your look. 
  • Frosting (warm metallic golden brown) applies beautifully, blends well, and applied wet?  It's definitely a pretty shadow. It can be easily sheered down.

From Left to Right: Rum Raisin, Mousse, Caramel, Bon Bon, and Butter Pecan

  • Rum Raisin (sheer taupe sheen) is such a disappointment for me.  I love taupes.  Kind of a thing for me.  I was sooooo excited about this color.  It is so sheer :( You really have to pack it on for the color to appear.  It does do well when applied wet though and becomes a lovely metallic taupe.  
  • Mousse (sheer matte warm light brown) is a good transition color.  It is sheer, but it blends very well.  
  • Caramel (metallic/sheen warm gold) this is buttery, has decent pigmentation, blends okay, turns into a lovely metallic bronzed gold when applied wet.  
  • Bon Bon (metallic/sheen warm rose) is  buttery, decently pigmented, blends well, and is very pretty applied wet.  
  • Butter Pecan (peachy cream sheen) is decently pigmented and blends well.  It again is a highlighter shade and is in the larger pan.  

I like that they changed up the packaging and printed the names on the packaging.  I think the packaging is cute, but again I'm dismayed at the quality, it's not secure at all.  I like the range of colors.  I don't like the inconsistency of the pigmentation.  I will be keeping this, but mostly because I've worked customer service and now hate to return things.

As for whether or not this is hype I say yes and no.

If you have many eye-shadow palettes and love to play with color this probably won't be for you.

If you prefer a soft look and generally don't like heavily pigmented eye-shadows, this is good for you.

If you need a palette for travel, this is not for you.

If you just love the smell of cocoa in the morning, keep a tin of Hershey's Cocoa in the bathroom and stay happy for much cheaper.

* Too Faced does not think they should give me samples of chocolaty goodness.  I paid with this myself from my own much appreciated Christmas gift-card.

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