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Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach Review

By 11:00 PM

Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach is not a color I would have chosen for myself based on the description.  It's supposed to be a matte medium sand color.  The reviews made this seem like the world ends if you don't own this shade.

Amanda Ensing uses it in this pretty Smokey Grey and Champagne look.  Kathleen Lights uses it in this Simple Taupes & Purples look.

As per usual, Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach is $5.99 for a 1.8 g pan.

Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach.
When I saw this in the pan, I was like, yes.  This is a gorgeous transition color. Then came the swatch.

It is kinda of soft, but sort of chalky.  On a brush it's even worse.  It does not have the best pigmentation and can be powdery.  I should love this color, but I don't.  It's kinda disappointing after all the Youtube hype.  It doesn't have the best lasting power.  It's  It's not horrible.  But it is in no way a must have.

I'm calling this one hype.

* I bought Barcelona Beach with my own money and no one asked or even wanted me to do reviews on this product.

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