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Makeup Geek Twilight Review

By 8:35 PM

Marlena March marches on!  Makeup Geek Twilight is a muted shimmering taupe/purple.  It's one of those colors I did not have to think about wanting.

It is very soft and buttery.  It has been compared to MAC's Shale.  MAC's Shale is of course $10.00 for a 1.5 g refill pan.  Twilight is $5.99 for 1.8 g.

Left to Right: MUG Twilight and MAC Shale
In terms of color, yes they are very similar.  In terms of quality?  There is no comparison.  MUG straight up kicks MAC where it hurts.  Shale is drier, waaaaay less pigmented, and just doesn't have the quality.

Left to Right: MUG Twilight and MAC Shale
If you're familiar with the colors you might wonder if you need Twilight and Unexpected.  They do look very similar on the site, but in person they are very different.

Left to Right: Unexpected and Twilight
Unexpected is more like a dusty mauve, it has more pink to the shade than Twilight.  It also is matte.  The compliment each other well with Twilight being shimmery and more purple and grey tones.

Left to Right: MUG Unexpected, Twilight, and MAC Shale.
Overall, I really liked the quality of this eye-shadow.  It's just very pretty and can be used for many different looks.

* I bought all of the eye-shadow shown.  The make up faeries didn't drop off pretty shadows for me to try for fun.

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