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Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma Review

By 5:42 PM

Marlena March continues with one of the more popular eye-shadows by Makeup Geek, Shimma Shimma.  It is only $5.99 for a single 1.8 g pan of this.

If ever there was a color hyped and loved by YouTubers, it's this color.  It's probably in every MUG favorite video and so many tutorials.  It's in this Makeup Geek Favorites by Young Wild and Polished.  This Top 5 Makeup Geek Shadows by Amena.

Shimma Shimma
At first glance this looks very much like an ordinary peachy shade.  Almost the color that MAC's Grain looks in the pan.  When you swatch it, it's a highly pigmented metallic champagne peach.  Most places compare Shimma Shimma to the very popular MAC Shroom.

Left to Right: Shimma Shimma and Shroom
When you swatch them, Shroom feels more gritty and is less pigmented.  Shimma Shimma is buttery and intense.

Left to Right: Becca Moonstone, UD Virgin, UD Sin, MUG Shimma Shimma, MAC Shroom
Sorry for the picture, it's definitely winter light with snow when I took these pictures.

Left to Right: Stila Kitten, MUG Shimma Shimma
Of all the highlight shades I compared it to, I felt it was closest to Stila Kitten.  They both have similar levels of pigmentation, are champagne shades, and are similar in texture.  Kitten leans a little more pinky.  They are both more shimmery than glittery.  They can both be dangerous if you apply too much, but I feel Stila Kitten is a little more forgiving on aging eyes.  Shimma Shimma sinks into cracks and lines and needs to be blended out so you don't look insane.  However, Kitten is so soft that it falls apart in the pan.  It will crack and then it's all over.  Even if you are very careful with it.

Stila Kitten is $19.00 for .09 oz and Shimma Shimma is .064 oz.

I'm torn on this shade.  It's almost too pigmented.  Shroom is more flattering on my skin.  Kitten is also more flattering, by a small amount.  However, in price, Shimma Shimma beats both.  It also holds up better than Kitten and doesn't leave you with a crumbly mess all over your counter and sink if you want to use it.

If you use your powers of shimmer wisely, this is a good shadow, although easily duped.  There is a color like this in almost every eye-shadow palette I own.

If you have young eyes you may wear this on your lid.  If you do not, stick to using it in the inner corners, brow bone highlight, Cupid's bow, or even cheek bone highlight if you're feeling dramatic.  I really do love this as a cheek bone highlight.  It actually shows up on my skin!

If you do have aging eye and decide to use this, go carefully and remember that blending is your friend, or dab on with a finger.  It works even for very pale people like me.

* All eye-shadows shown were purchased by me for me.

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